Phase 2 parking ban takes effect Tuesday, November 30
November 29, 2021

In order to clear snow and ice from residential streets, a Phase 2 parking ban will begin Tuesday, November 30 at 12:01 a.m.  

“Crews will enter the residential areas after midnight tonight,” said Andrew Grant, General Supervisor of Infrastructure Field Operations, Parks and Roads Services. ”By calling a Phase 2 parking ban we are improving service and residents can help by moving vehicles from residential roads when clearing happens in your area. Watch for signage in your communities or visit our online map to see when your residential road will be scheduled for clearing.”  

During Phase 2, crews clear residential and local industrial roads. They will use a sand/chip mix in intersections once the area has been bladed in an effort to mitigate slippery conditions. To ensure safe access, crews will remove windrows from driveways and pedestrian crossings. Overall, Phase 2 will last seven to nine days but is anticipated to impact individual communities for approximately 72 hours at a time.  

Edmontonians can view the interactive online map to confirm where crews are operating and which streets have been cleared. Residents should watch for signage at entrances to their communities which signal that crews are coming. When signage is present, or your road is listed as “In Progress” on the interactive map, crews will arrive in the area within 72 hours, and vehicles must be removed from the road.

During this phase, Edmontonians can continue to park in their driveway or garage, in parking available on a neighbours property (with permission), on any road cleared during Phase 1 where parking is allowed normally, and in alternative parking locations provided by the City. Alternative parking locations include select City facilities, parks and Edmonton Public Library (EPL) locations with excess parking whose use does not impact daily operations. A full list of current locations is available on the Snow Clearing Map at

Many EPark zones also offer free parking overnight, between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. Some exceptions apply. Please check the online EPark map for more details. Parking is also available on roads as soon as they have been cleared if parking is allowed there normally. 

Crews and equipment will work 24 hours a day until Phase 2 roads are clear. 

Motorists are advised to drive to conditions and maintain a safe following distance between vehicles. Give snow and ice clearing crews room to work as they work to get the roads cleared.
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