Province approves Edmonton's annexation application
November 28, 2018

Today, the Province approved Edmonton’s uncontested application to annex land from Leduc County and the Town of Beaumont. It includes 8,267 hectares (about 20,428 acres) from Leduc County east and west of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway, and a portion of 50 Street in the Town of Beaumont.

Beginning January 1, 2019, residents and landowners in the annexation area will officially come under the jurisdiction of Edmonton. A 50-year tax protection provision for new residents is part of the annexation agreement. Landowners will get the lower tax rate between the City and the County for any given year for 50 years before taxes are transitioned to the Edmonton rates, or until they develop their land under the conditions of the annexation agreement.

“We are looking forward to welcoming these new residents to Edmonton,” says Mayor Don Iveson. “We’re here to help. Some things, like mailing addresses, business licences, and elected representatives will be different. Other things, like people's ability to keep farming, will remain the same. Information will be shared to help people in the area understand our services.”
“This annexation was large in scale and complexity,” says Mayor Iveson. “The uncontested application was achieved through significant collaboration. Additional understanding between our municipalities led to work on the Airport Accord, demonstrating how the region can work together to create a better quality of life for our citizens.”

Prior to January 1, 2019, residents and landowners in the annexation area will begin to receive information about various City services, bylaws and taxes.
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