Road use and pedestrian signals adjusted to promote community safety
April 8, 2020

The City of Edmonton will adjust push buttons at pedestrian crossings and allocate some roadways for shared use effective Thursday. These changes will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and encourage physical distancing while Edmontonians are outside. 

Pedestrian signals will become automatic at 56 intersections located in high pedestrian areas and around hospitals to eliminate the need to push buttons at these crossings. The City will post signage to promote the change in these areas. The audible signal for the visually impaired will continue to be activated by pushing the button.

The City is also adjusting two roads in busy and densely populated areas to provide more space to pedestrians and cyclists. These changes will allow for Edmontonians to follow physical distancing requirements while safely enjoying the outdoors. 

  • Victoria Promenade (100 Avenue) from 116 Street to 121 Street: the bike lane will be expanded and converted to a shared-use space for people walking and biking

  • Saskatchewan Drive from 105 Street to 109 Street: traffic is reduced to a single lane with the north lane converted to a shared-use space for people walking and biking

Crews will remove snow and sweep these lanes before they open to shared use.

“We all have an important role to play in preventing the spread of COVID-19. By working together to stay apart, whether we’re shopping for essential items or getting exercise outdoors, we can all help to protect our community’s health and safety,” said Darryl Mullen, Acting Director, Traffic Operations. “We know it’s important for Edmontonians to get outside during this time and these adjustments will help them do that while maintaining safe physical distance.”

Edmontonians are reminded to be courteous and aware of others around them while outdoors. This might mean choosing alternate times or routes for walks, passing others in single file and stepping aside to allow others to pass. 

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