Spring has sprung! City gets moving on construction season
May 13, 2022

The City of Edmonton is embarking on another ambitious construction season with over 250 active projects across the city, totalling an estimated $1.9 billion in funding this year. Guided by The City Plan, construction projects create jobs, support the local economy and help Edmonton prepare for future growth over the coming decades. 

“As Edmontonians move about the city and downtown over the warmer months ahead, we want them to be aware of major construction areas that may impact their travels,” said Adam Laughlin, Deputy City Manager, Integrated Infrastructure Services. “We know construction can be disruptive and frustrating, but it also provides much-needed jobs for Edmontonians and local companies. Whenever you see construction, you're seeing the future of Edmonton being built, piece by piece, kilometre by kilometre, by the hard work of thousands of people."

This year, the City will work on over 110 kilometres of local roadways and sidewalks, 11 kilometres of alleys, 10 neighbourhood renewal projects, 7 trail renewals and 16 park and playground projects. That’s in addition to the City’s major transportation and facility projects including the Yellowhead Trail Freeway Conversion, Terwillegar Drive Expansion and LRT.

Construction projects help position the City, and the region, for a stronger economic recovery, and provide jobs to thousands of workers and hundreds of companies that are locally owned or based in Edmonton, from subcontractors to suppliers. 

“We have a very busy construction year ahead of us, and with warmer weather on the way and the return of festivals, outdoor patios and social events, we want Edmontonians to know the best and most efficient travel routes in the downtown core and throughout the city,” said Laughlin. 

The City’s traffic disruption map is a helpful tool to use to plan your trip. The map provides information about road closures, travel delays and timing of construction projects in particular areas.
Project performance details can be found on building.edmonton.ca. This web-based guide is updated quarterly to show progress on the City’s infrastructure projects.

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