The future, for one million more, is at home in Edmonton
March 5, 2020

Today, City Administration released the latest draft of The City Plan, a modernized document that pictures how the city can grow and organize itself to attract an additional million people to call Edmonton home. 

 “We must be and will be ready to welcome one million more residents and respond to challenge and opportunity,” said Adam Laughlin, Interim City Manager. “The City Plan will prepare us to be agile and responsive, and to take bold action to realize our vibrant future.” 

Through The City Plan concept, Edmonton will: 
  • Accommodate all future growth within Edmonton’s current boundary.
  • Plan for large-scale districts that promote the ability for people to live more locally.
  • Establish a network of nodes and corridors that focus population, business and employment growth, managing change to enhance community equity.
  • Preserve and better connect the North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine system, and expand the network of open spaces and greenways.
  • Adapt non-residential areas to accommodate greater intensification, strategically activate new areas and diversify economic opportunities.
  • Enhance mass transit and other mobility systems to support the needs of two million people safely on the move.

The draft City Plan is written in the context of fiscal restraints, climate realities and changing demographics. 

“As Edmontonians, we are all grappling with the changes we need to make today for a brighter future for generations to come,” said Jason Meliefste, Acting Deputy City Manager, Integrated Infrastructure Services. “The City Plan will help us all translate the priorities of our communities into the physical space we build and rebuild over time.”

The draft City Plan and attachments go to Urban Planning Committee on March 16.

The City Plan will be put into action through the City’s corporate business planning process, budget, performance measurements and supported by strategic initiatives, including the Zoning Bylaw Renewal. 

“The City Plan will become the ongoing work of Administration and unfold as Edmonton grows,” said Stephanie McCabe, Deputy City Manager, Urban Form and Corporate Strategic Development. “This work will require deliberate transformation efforts within the city and with our partners to make choices and identify priorities that will give the greatest benefit to residents today and into the future.”

Since 2018, the City has conducted extensive public engagement, technical studies and analysis to arrive at the draft City Plan.

The City Plan is scheduled to go to Public Hearing in late May.
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