October 2020
Canadian Safe Boating Council Virtual Symposium 2020
The CSBC held our first ever Virtual Symposium on October 1. We missed the sense of community and networking that an in-person event offers, but were thrilled that this format allowed us to welcome many more delegates. The 178 registered participants came from across North America, as well as Australia and New Zealand. Joe Gatfield, CSBC Chair, welcomed all of the delegates; we hope you will continue to be part of the CSBC family by becoming a CSBC member and following us on social media.
The theme of the 2020 Symposium was Shared Waterways, a follow-up to the animated discussions we had on this issue at the 2019 Symposium in Port Credit. Our harbours, rivers and coastal waters are getting busier and busier, with increasing numbers of recreational boaters, particularly paddle sports enthusiasts, many of them new to the water. When they find themselves having to share the water with large and small commercial vessels, ferries, fishing vessels and a wide variety of other types of recreational craft with their own operating characteristics, it is a recipe for misunderstandings, conflicts and, tragically, accidents, injuries and loss of life. The explosive growth of boating over this past summer in the COVID era has reinforced the importance of this issue.

With John Gullick as our capable MC, the focus of the 2020 Symposium was:
-      to gain additional perspectives from experts, both home and abroad
-      to examine the tools we collectively have to address shared waterways issues
-      to determine the next steps we can take, individually or collectively.

Following is an outline of the presentations. The presentations are available on the CSBC website, and a summary report of key points and the way ahead will also be available there.

Transport Canada Opening Remarks
Julie Gascon, Director General, Marine Safety and Security
Lucie Bergeron, Director, Transformation and Marine Services

International Perspective: Sydney Harbour, Australia
Peter Harvey, Director, Centre for Maritime Safety, Transport for New South Wales

Canadian Case Study: Port of Victoria, B.C.
Michael Sylvester, Port Manager, Transport Canada

Paddle Community Perspective on Shared Waterways:
Michelle McShane, Executive Director, Paddle Canada
Panel: What Tools Do We Have?
M.C. John Gullick

Learning from 2019 Symposium: Possible Options
Ron Kroeker, CSBC Director
Solutions for Port Authorities
Jason Krott, Manager of Operations and Fleet, Port of Vancouver

Transport Canada Regulatory Tools
Honey Walsh, Manager, Office of Boating Safety, Transport Canada

Safety Campaigns and Educational Tools
Ted Rankine, Playsafe Productions, CSBC Project Manager.

Many thanks to the Symposium Committee, led by Committee Chair Lawrence Jacobs, together with Rick Cassels, Ron Kroeker, Ian Gilson, Alain Roy, Jason Krott, Michelle McShane, Jean Murray, Pierre Murray, John Gullick, John McMullen, Joe Gatfield and Yvette Myers. A big shout-out to Cheryl Gallagher, Ted Rankine and the Playsafe Productions team, together with Alan McPherson, for handling the administrative and technical details with such professionalism and good humour.

Finally, a big thank you and our deep appreciation to Presenting Sponsor Stearns and the Port of Vancouver for your support of this event.
Highlights of what Symposium delegates said about this year’s event:
“Great job – you have done CSBC proud!!!”
“Thanks so much for this very informative presentation!”
“Thank you CSBC. Excellent presentation”.
“It was excellent!”
“It was a great event ….thank you for inviting me to speak, I truly felt that my words were heard!”
“Very informative Symposium. Will inspire the TC OBS team in the preparation of its 2021 workplan. Thank you all!”
“Great event – enjoyed speakers and technical material”
“It was incredible …you guys hit this one out of the park” 

97% of the presentations were rated good or very good. 90% of the respondents said the Symposium met or exceeded their expectations, and 100% said they would participate in a CSBC Symposium again.

Can’t get enough of the CSBC Symposium, or sorry you missed this year’s event? Bookmark your calendar for September 15 – 17, 2021, when we are planning to be in Mont Tremblant, Quebec.
CSBC Volunteer Recognition Awards 2020
The Canadian Safe Boating Council relies on the hard work and commitment of our volunteers, directors and other partners to facilitate the operation of our organization and to deliver our safety programs and events. The annual Volunteer Recognition Award winners were announced by CSBC Chair Joe Gatfield at the CSBC virtual Board meeting on October 8. Congratulations and many thanks to this year’s award winners for their tremendous contribution to the Canadian Safe Boating Council.
Mal Blann
Certificate of Merit – In recognition of your professionalism, competence and commitment to the CSBC and boating safety through your continued enthusiastic efforts managing our action plans and organizational strategic plan

Cheryl Gallagher
Certificate of Merit - In recognition of your professionalism, competence and commitment to the CSBC and boating safety through your continued enthusiastic efforts and creative innovation utilizing social media platforms

Ron Kroeker
Certificate of Merit - In recognition of your professionalism, competence and commitment to the CSBC and boating safety through the strategic and analytical perspective you demonstrate as Secretary and a Member of the Executive

John McMullen
Certificate of Merit – In recognition of your professionalism, competence and commitment to the CSBC and boating safety through your continued efforts as Executive Support Officer and so much more that you give to the organization

Peter Garapick
Certificate of Service – In grateful recognition of your many years of distinguished volunteer service as a CSBC Director

Jay Morrison
Certificate of Service – In grateful recognition of your 3 years of distinguished volunteer service as a CSBC Director.
New CSBC Director
Dave Moffatt was appointed to the CSBC Board at the Board meeting on October 8. In welcoming Dave to the Board, CSBC Chair Joe Gatfield expressed appreciation to the Ontario Provincial Police for their support of the CSBC over many years. Sgt. Dave Moffatt has been a member of the OPP for almost 25 years. He started a program called “I got caught wearing my lifejacket” in which vessel occupants were rewarded with a t-shirt for wearing a lifejacket in a vessel that was underway. This program was eventually run throughout Ontario and was recognized by Cottage Life Magazine, winning the “Best Boating Safety Initiative Award” at the Canadian Safe Boating Awards in 2010.

In 2018 Sgt. Moffatt became the OPP Marine Program Coordinator and looks after over 350 marine officers and 140 marine assets. He is responsible for Small Commercial Vessel Training for OPP officers and other Municipal Police Services. 
Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBAs)
The Canadian Safe Boating Awards gala and dinner will not be held in January 2021, due to COVID restrictions. More information to follow in the December newsletter, and on the CSBC website.
“Best Dressed” on the Water?
CSBC Secretary Ron Kroeker catches a few rays – and hopefully some fish - in the last few days of summer 2020. Seems so long ago already!
Transport Canada Survey on PFD/Lifejacket Usage
To assist Transport Canada’s education and outreach efforts to enhance safety for recreational boaters, work is underway to further examine motivations and policy instruments to increase the wearing of PFDs/lifejackets on board pleasure craft.

As part of this initiative, the Office of Boating Safety has partnered with a Privy Council Office behavioural scientist to develop an online survey to assess boaters’ general attitudes toward the wearing of PFDs/lifejackets. Completion of the survey by members of Canada’s recreational boating community will help Transport Canada compile up to date data regarding Canadian boaters’ perspectives on PFDs/lifejacket usage in general, and help identify barriers keeping wear rates low among key demographics.

The survey has recently been launched on Transport Canada’s Marine Safety webpage and can be accessed at the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.ca/r/2XRC2RD

The survey will be available for completion until December 31, 2020.

The CSBC has gained considerable expertise in lifejacket wear over the years, and we have shared our Will it Float? study and our 2014 qualitative and quantitative multi-phase research studies. We have offered to assist Transport Canada in any way with the work they re doing.
New Lifeboat and SAR Station in Twillingate
On September 11 the town of Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador, was the setting for the dedication to service ceremony for the newest addition to the CCG fleet, the CCGS Conception Bay, and the official opening of the new search and rescue station.

The new 19-metre lifeboat, CCGS Conception Bay, is one of the 20 high-endurance lifeboats being built under the National Shipbuilding Strategy that are named after geographical bays across Canada. The vessel will be stationed in the Atlantic Region, and deployed to provide improved search and rescue capability and services including searches on the water, marine distress response calls as well as assistance to disabled vessels.

The new search and rescue station began operating in May 2020 and, depending on ice conditions, will operate as a 24-hour-a-day seasonal station from May to December. It enhances the Canadian Coast Guard’s ability to respond to marine emergencies, including environmental response, in the waters off the northeast coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Boats We Love
Conceived during the initial dark days of the COVID-19 restrictions, this is an ongoing series in which CSBC Directors and project leaders share what they love about boats and boating. We are all a community, committed to staying safe on the water together.
Mal Blann, CSBC Director

This is my annual labour of love with Blue Moon, a 36’ Sabre built in Maine, USA in 2005. My wife Carol and I acquired Blue Moon in 2012. It is a very comfortable year-round boat of fibreglass construction with cherry wood interior and teak and holly flooring, and powered by twin 370hp Yanmar diesel engines. We have year-round covered moorage in Nanaimo, BC and mainly cruise in the area between Nanaimo and Victoria (Gulf Islands, Lower Vancouver Island) and San Juan Islands (USA), favouring Marine Parks.  

They call it a “fast trawler” but our preferred speed is in the 9 knot range – a nice relaxing pace which is good for scenery, fuel consumption and avoiding the numerous logs and dead heads found in the local waters. It is a great escape platform and is even a nice place to visit during the winter for a drink, meal and planning ongoing adventures. 
Jean Murray, CSBC Direcotor
This is a rather large “boat we love”, and it’s not owned by me! But I do love cruising on European waterways, watching the world go by as we glide along – over there is someone fishing from the river bank - here are cows grazing on the lush grass, a stately chateau behind them - now we are passing a group of happy people eating Sunday lunch on the terrace – they wave, and we wave back. As we pass through the historic towns and villages along the river, sometimes stopping to explore, I’m reminded of the key role waterways have always played in commerce, transportation and settlement patterns.

In the middle of the night I’m still drawn to the river, the dark water lapping at the sides of the vessel, a massive barge chugging purposefully down to the sea, the bright lights of an immense lock coming up ahead, stately swans gliding silently by the river bank. Magical!
In brief
Did you know that you can direct your United Way Campaign donation to any registered Canadian charity? Please consider donating to the Canadian Safe Boating Council; our registration number is 875659864RR0001.

The virtual fall 2020 National CMAC meeting will take place on November 2, November 6, November 9-10, November 12-13 and November 16-17. The ‘When and Where’ section of the CMAC website has been updated with the latest information concerning the National CMAC meeting, the PNR Regional CMAC meeting (taking place November 3-5, 2020) and the Quebec Regional CMAC meeting (taking place November 18, 2020).

Due to the ongoing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Toronto International Boat Show has been cancelled for the first time in its 62-year history. Online/virtual options are being explored for the event. The 2022 event is planned for January 21 – 30.

The Vancouver Boat Show, scheduled for February 2021, has also been cancelled, and planning is under way for the 2022 event.

Congratulations to Paddle Canada on its 50th anniversary, to be celebrated in 2021! The CSBC and Paddle Canada have worked in close partnership on various projects and initiatives over many years, and we very much appreciate this ongoing collaboration.

Congratulations to the Canadian Coast Guard College in on its 55th Anniversary, celebrated this year. Since 1965, the College has been the centre of training excellence to the Canadian Coast Guard fleet.

The National Drowning Prevention Alliance’s National Water Safety Conference 2021 will be held in San Diego and on-line from March 29 - April 1, 2021.