August 2017
Stories have a magical way of connecting us to one another, to our roots, and to the land. We tell stories about our families, our faith traditions, and our vacations. If you have had a camper at Camp Stevens this summer or if your child is coming to International Odyssey this week, you've heard or will hear stories of adventure, pigs and chickens, archery, running in the rain (really!) and friendships made or rekindled.

Below, you'll find a handful of stories I hope you'll connect with. The story of Cristian, a child who attended Camp Stevens this summer due to the generosity of donors like you. Stories of volunteers and the magic they create by giving of their time and talent. And stories of things upcoming: Hoe's Down Harvest Family Weekend - an opportunity to build on your family's story - and the Bergstrom Lodge, which honors the incredible story of Peter and Vicki Bergstrom.

As always, I am grateful for your part in the Camp Stevens story.

Beth Bojarski, Executive Director
Family Connection
Hoe's Down Harvest Family Weekend

Join us Friday dinner through Sunday lunch, October 13 - 15, for an opportunity to connect with your family and others, the land, and your own sense of wonder.

Our Harvest Family Weekend features hikes, crafts, and outings around Julian all with an emphasis on the garden harvest. We'll celebrate the bounty of the fall season and Eucharist together Sunday morning.

Families of all ages, generations, and traditions welcome. Register at www.campstevensorg!
Reminders, photos, and updates will be provided periodically on our social media sites. Follow us!
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Camp Board
In addition to the nurses and chaplains during summer camp, Camp Stevens relies on the volunteer efforts of the Advisory Board, made up of members from the Dioceses and regions of Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Here, the board talks with Ian Shimmelfennig, Farm and Garden Director, in the Phoenex Garden at their most recent meeting.

Current Board Members Include the Bishops of the Dioceses of Los Angeles and San Diego and the following:

Class of 2017
The Rev. Greg Larkin
Pauline Merry
The Rt. Rev. John Taylor

Class of 2018 Robin Hunter
Ian Williamson

Class of 2019
Lora Allison
Troy Gregory
The Rev. Melissa McCarthy
The Rev. Christine Purcell
Kathy Wilder
The Rev. Stefanie Wilson

And honorary members
Eric Lax
Patsy Brierley 
This week's campers enjoyed rain during free time!
Meet Cristian

Help us continue to provide opportunities for campers to learn to love and support one another.  Visit our website to learn more; click here to give or return the donation envelope that'll be in your mailbox soon.

Cristian anticipated adventure during his first week at Camp Stevens earlier this summer, but didn't expect to get sick. Like so many others, Cristian's family cannot afford a summer camp experience, but your generosity and important partnerships with organizations that serve those in need allowed him to be at camp. Your generosity also helped him get well.
Cristian and his group walk the labyrinth

Early in his camp week, Cristian visited Nurse Suzanne with a high temperature and sore throat. A night of rest in the health center didn't break his fever. Rather than sending him home, Cristian visited a local doctor and received the medical care he needed.
But there's more to the story: while Cristian's body healed, his Adventure Group and several support staff offered healing as well. Campers decorated his health center room and wrote notes of encouragement; a counselor made camp word searches; and one staff member and the volunteer chaplains visited him throughout his stay with the nurse.
Your gift to Camp Stevens will impact the life of one or more children, like Cristian, and their families by providing shelter, food, program, and caring staff and counselors.

More than that: Your gift to Camp Stevens will impact the lives of many others by creating opportunity for a socio-economic and otherwise diverse group of campers to support and love one another. Your gift to Camp Stevens is a gift of transformation. Thank you. 
Volunteer at Camp Stevens
This spring and summer, Camp Stevens has benefited from the dedication and generosity of several volunteers.
Mike Cosgrove and Patrick stand on their newly built walkway behind the Dining Hall. Mike has also fixed Camp Stevens staff bikes, weeded the Hoop House at the farm, and done a variety of other integral jobs around camp.

Camp Stevens is deeply grateful for Mike Cosgrove and his friend Patrick, and for board member Troy Gregory. Mike, Patrick, and Troy have made a tremendous impact in both facilities and the farm and garden by taking on (not so) small projects around camp.

Our faithful nurses and chaplains are integral to the summer program's safety and sense of wonder.

A special thank you to nurse volunteers Suzy Vissers, Suzanne Peterson, Ashley Gregory, and Trish Healy. And to our chaplains: The Revs. Greg Lark
Seminarian and Summer Staff Joey Courtney and the Rev. Greg Larkin invite wonder during Session 4 as co-chaplains.
in, Kelli Grace Kurtz, Todd Blackham, Melissa Campbell-Langdell, Alene Campbell-Langdell, Elizabeth Rechter, Michael Bamberger, and Francisco Garcia, and to lay chaplains Greg Tuttle and Joey Courtney.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you or a small group in your parish or community is interested in regular volunteer projects, please call the camp office to inquire about opportunities (760/765-0028).

Projects will be determined based on camp need and volunteer interest and ability.

Troy Gregory sits on the steps into downstairs Blum. Troy spent a week mending the steps, adding lighting, and rebuilding the walkway to the door on the Chapel side of the building.

Youth groups or larger groups interested in volunteer work may also inquire but will be limited based on staff resources, tools, and season.

Finally, volunteer work weekends are an old Camp Stevens tradition we hope to revive! Keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities in 2018.
Stories Unfolding
Upper Meadow sunset after the rain
Horton Meeting Room
Family Camps
Harvest Weekend: October 13 - 15 
Thanksgiving Family Camp: Nov 23 - 26
(Thanksgiving Family Camp is almost full, register today!) 

Retreat Center
While our retreat center is pretty busy through Thanksgiving, there's still room for your church or other non-profit group to host a retreat at Camp Stevens in December or the new year. Call the office to book today (760/765-0028)!

2018 Programs 
Dates for 2018 summer and adult/family programs will be announced soon. Be ready to mark your calendar for another year of adventure! 
Bergstrom Lodge
With great anticipation, we're watching the Bergstrom Lodge come together week by week. In the last few days the foundation was poured for the meeting and conference rooms.

Visit our website or contact Beth Bojarski for more details. Gifts of all sizes welcome! Contribute to the general lodge project or designate your gift to support one the following projects:
  • Horton Meeting Room
  • Borsch Conference Room
  • Golowka Overlook
  • Adventure Travel Outdoor Areas
  • Lodge room ($50,000)
All gifts of $10,000 or greater will be acknowledged by name.
Opportunities to Give
Bergstrom Lodge
with private accommodations
set to open this winter!

Give by Shopping
Give a percentage of purchases you're already making at Amazon Smile!

Annual Campaign
supports camperships, programs, and agriculture throughout the year