June 10. 2019
Zero Waste Meeting this Wednesday
June 12, 7-8:30pm
@ Marge Williams Center,   221 Winslow Way West
7-8pm: Guest speaker David Knight, co-founder of Resource Fiber, a vertically integrated bamboo fiber products company.
8-8:30pm: Regular ZW agenda
Check out the May meeting minutes here.
Many Volunteers Still Needed!
Recycling Rovers for
´╗┐Rotary Auction Preparation Week and Sale Day
Try it once -- you'll be hooked! Sign up at here under "Recycling Team" for a 2-hour shift, 8am-8pm, June 28-July 3 & July 5-6 . We keep unsellable donations and packaging out of the landfill.
July 4th Station Staffers
We're one-fifth of the way there. Please help fill the remaining 40 slots by signing up here for a 2-hour shift at a recycling-compost-landfill discard sorting station (customer sorts, you help guide) between 7am-6:30pm, so we can keep the Bainbridge Fourth of July 75% trash-free.
Waste Reduction and Reuse Tips
for Shopping at T&C
From Grow Community
´╗┐Earth Squad leader Wendy Kozina
1) Pictured below is a reused peanut butter jar. Next to the bulk seasonings section is a scale. I put the empty jar on the scale, record the weight as the TARE, then fill my jar using the peanut butter maker! It feels so good to reuse my own jars.

2) The meat & fish department has also been approved by the Health Food Organization to allow patrons to use their own containers, meaning you ask for the meat you want, hand them your container, and they put the meat in your container. They will still need to use some paper due to food contaminants, but they are heading in the right direction!
To find other stores that have bulk sections where you can use your own containers, ZW member Carol Appenzeller recommends this app: https://app.zerowastehome.com/.
Recycling tip:
Do not recycle store receipts...

...Specifically, thermal paper receipts, as explained in this 3-minute video. For a more in-depth analysis, go here .
June/July Calendar
June 12  -  Zero Waste meeting , 7-8:30pm@Marge Williams Center. Guest speaker-David Knight of  Resource Fiber
June 15  -  Household Hazardous Waste Collection , 10am-4pm@7305 NE Hidden Cove Road. Details here .
June 28-July 3&5/6  -  Rotary preparation and sale , 8am-8pm@Woodward Middle School.  PLEASE VOLUNTEER !
July 4  -  Downtown celebration , 7am-6:30pm (volunteer times).  PLEASE VOLUNTEER !
July 20&21  -  Styrofoam & CD Recycling Collection , 10am-4pm@Bay Hay and Feed barn. Collection details here PLEASE VOLUNTEER !
July 29 - Styrofoam Recycling Collection , 9am-3pm@Kitsap County Fairgrounds. They accept peanuts. See details here .
Newsletter editor: Diane Landry, BI Zero Waste (volunteer) director
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BI Zero Waste is an all-volunteer program of Sustainable Bainbridge.
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