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Member Feedback
Capital Mortgage Funding
Good Evening John and Rebecca,
We are officially on day two of moving into our new home, and it is as exciting as it is overwhelming. Yet, both D. and I would agree that you (Rebecca) and John were absolutely amazing. The staff of Capital Mortgage Funding were with us every step of the way. After having three disappointing experiences in the past, we had almost given up. Yet, you both remained pleasant, confident, professional, and most importantly proactive throughout the entire process. Your checklist of all the items required in advance helped us remain on top of the schedule. So much so, we closed almost a week in advance. Honestly, we're not even sure our new home purchase would have been possible without your outstanding five-star workmanship. So, John, Rebecca, and the JM Credit Union Staff, we love and thank you ever so much!!!
Many Blessings,
J. and D. Goins

Happy Father's Day!
JMAFCU would like to wish all the dads a very happy Father's Day. Thank you for all you do, and enjoy a wonderful day with your families!

Protect Yourself on Facebook
New Tips to Keep Your Info Safe

In congressional testimony in April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg vowed to protect Facebook users. Until changes are made, here's how to better protect yourself:

1. Run the privacy checkup. Click on the question mark icon at the top of your Facebook page and select Privacy Checkup. Check your profile settings. Choose "Only Me" or "Friends" for everything. Do not choose "Public" for settings.

2. Avoid Facebook games and apps. fb_like_thumbs.jpg
Many games and apps on Facebook require your name, your email address and the names of your friends. Avoid those. If you are already using these apps and games, go to your Facebook Apps page. Click on the X next to any
apps you want to remove.

3. Tighten other privacy settings.
Go to your Facebook Privacy Settings and Tools page. Make sure only friends can see your posts. Choose "Only Me" or "Friends" to designate who can see your friends list, email address and phone number. Be sure that no search engine outside of Facebook can link to your profile.

4. Control ads and advertisers.
You can stop getting ads generated by tracking your interests and activities. Go to your Ad Settings section. Turn off the option for "Ads based on your use of websites and apps" and "Ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook Companies."

If you access Facebook using a mobile device, type Privacy Checkup in your search field to access the privacy checkup settings.

Red, White & Barbecue

Summertime is almost here, and JMAFCU is firing up the grill with a "Red, White & Barbecue" personal loan special!  
Simply borrow $2,000* or more, and we'll let you select the gift of your choice:
  • 8-piece BBQ set
  • Portable briefcase BBQ grill
  • 24-can easy-access cooler plus wine bottle holders

This limited-time special is only available now through July 4, 2018, so apply today while the offer is still hot!

*New loans only. Terms and conditions based on creditworthiness.
**No alcoholic beverages provided.

Save on Your Summer Road Trip Adventure

From driving to the tip of Cape Cod, to seeing the Great Lakes, all the way to a drive through the Yosemite Valley in California, there are limitless ways to explore on the road. Whether you're going to visit family or taking off on an epic adventure, a road trip can be a great way to make travel about the journey rather than the destination. And with the following money-saving tips, your road trip can be economical as well as fun!

1. Before you hit the road, make sure your car can handle the trip.  Before you pack up your car, it's a good idea to take your car to a mechanic and ensure it's ready for the drive. Having your car inspected and serviced by a certified mechanic before a road trip can be a worthwhile investment that could both save you money and prevent an untimely breakdown. Looking into a rental car is an alternative you may want to consider if you're hoping to avoid wear and tear that might depreciate your car's value. Consider your options carefully and choose what makes more financial sense for you.

2. Pack for bumps along the way.  A flat tire or dead battery can put a serious damper on your road trip, especially if you're not prepared. Keeping a spare tire in your car and checking your tire pressure and tread should be on your pre-trip checklist. Along with your bags, bring a few items for preventive maintenance measures on the road. Having jumper cables, coolant and engine oil handy can save you time and money.

3. Map out your trip ahead of time.  While just jumping in the car and driving without a set destination can be an enticing idea, the spontaneity will likely result in more expenses. Knowing when and where you'll stop ahead of time, especially for hotels and outings, will help you stick to a budget. If you still crave the more adventurous aspects of a road trip, you can make a general plan for your major excursions and routes, while stopping for unexpected attractions and views as you go.
4. Comparison shop to keep hotel prices under control.  Booking ahead of time and using comparison shopping websites will save you from driving around to find the best hotel deal when you're already tired from a long drive. If you do have to book last-minute, consider using hotel coupon books, hotel-booking apps, group coupon sites or reward points to save a little more. Camping could be another alternative to booking a hotel, which can be particularly cheap if you already have gear like tents and sleeping bags.

Each state has Official Welcome Center locations, a great resource for information, free state maps (these can be fun and educational for everyone!), and brochures relating to discounts on hotels, attractions and entertainment that may not be found online.

State parks are also a good idea for inexpensive lodging as well as entertainment. Many state parks offer amenities such as golf courses and swimming facilities in addition to the hiking trails, lakes and picnic areas. If you plan ahead, there may also be cabins and camping areas, too. These do fill up quickly so make your reservation in advance.
5. Managing your mileage could add up to major savings.  Though fuel prices may generally be down, the cost of filling up your tank can still add up. To make this cost more manageable, you can take advantage of apps that help you find the best gas prices in your area. In certain cases, you may also want to consider renting a more fuel-efficient car. You can save even more by mapping your trip ahead of time to avoid toll roads and construction that might slow you down.

6. Keep kids entertained to avoid unnecessary stops.  Kids tend to get antsy in the back seat, which can lead to more frequent stops and a few impulse buys if you're not prepared. Packing snacks and meals ahead of time can help you avoid making extra purchases at the gas station, and will often be cheaper.

Also have a plan for keeping your kids entertained. Let them choose a few activities ahead of time, like preparing a road trip playlist or making a game like road trip bingo with sights you'll be seeing along the way. If you have a tablet or phone, downloading free games, podcasts or movies can be another great option.

7. Protect your home while you are away.  One other way to save on your road trip is to ensure that your home is protected while you're gone. If you can, ask a trusted neighbor, friend or family member to keep an eye on your house. If you can't find someone to help, you can call the US Postal Service to hold your mail while you're away. Double check that you've locked all doors and windows, including the garage door, and that you've set your security alarm and put your lights on a timer.

Bottom line:  Road trips can be an adventurous and an inexpensive way to see the country, but costs can add up if you're underprepared. Planning your stops and packing to anticipate your needs could help you enjoy the ride rather than worry about the expenses. When traveling, always remember to notify JMAFCU to make sure that your JMAFCU Visa® CheckCard and/or credit card transactions are not declined due to activity outside of your normal spending pattern.

The Summer of Hundreds
It's summer lovin' for JMAFCU members. When you switch to Sprint ®, you can get a $100 cash reward for each new line you activate,  up to three lines. That's Sprint's best plan with unlimited talk, text, data
and HD-streaming, including Hulu!  During The Summer of Hundreds, you get:
  • $100 cash reward for each new line activated with Sprint*
  • $50 loyalty cash reward every year for each line activated or transferred*
  • $50 cash reward for lines transferred into the program*
  • 25% discount on eligible accessories
Here's how to sign up for Sprint cash rewards:
  1. Become a Sprint customer and mention that you're a credit union member
  2. Register at­
  3. Allow six to eight weeks to see the cash rewards directly deposited into your credit union account 
Make summer picture-perfect with a new phone and a $100 cash reward! It's just one more benefit of creditunion membership.

­ *Three lines total, including all activated and transferred lines.

JMAFCU Mobile Apps:
Get Yours Today!
Have you downloaded the JMAFCU Mobile app* and/or the JMAFCU CardSAFE app* yet? The JMAFCU apps are resources to help you manage your finances when you're on the go or away from your computer.

Download the JMAFCU Mobile app to access your financial information no matter where you may be. The Mobile app allows you to see transactions on all of your JMAFCU accounts, transfer funds between your accounts** or other JMAFCU members' accounts, and m ake loan or credit card payments. Plus, it
gives you access to Bill Pay.

The JMAFCU CardSAFE app allows you to manage your credit card(s) or CheckCard(s) electronically in multiple ways. Based on your selections, you can set up usage alerts that will notify you by email,
textmessage or both. If you should misplace your card or leave it at a merchant or a restaurant, you can disable your card instantly and enable it again once the card is located. This feature can help you avoid having to order a new card and wait for the seven to 10 bus iness days before your new card is received. If you cannot locate your card, you will still need to contact us to order a new card, but you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the misplaced card is not going to be used - you turned it off using your JMAFCU CardSAFE app!
*Both of these apps can be downloaded from an app store for your mobile device: Apple App Store® or Google Play. Search for JM Associates FCU and/or JM CardSAFE, look for the JM Family tree logo and download your apps today!
**All transfers are subject to Regulation D restrictions, where applicable.

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