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November 2018 - In This Issue:

Don't Let  Black Friday  Put You
in the Red
It's a common belief that "Black Friday"  represents the point in the year when retailers begin to turn a profit, thus going from being
"in the red" to being "in the black." Whether this is true or not, JMAFCU wants to help you stay in the black during this holiday season.

Merchants are depending on your dollars to help put them
"in the black," and they do this by offering almost-too-good-to-be-true deals and discounts. Another way they do this is by promoting their credit cards and giving discounts on your purchases at the register when you apply for their card. Keep in mind, the discount you receive is typically only a small amount (usually 10%), compared to the high interest rates and fees that come with some of these cards.

Don't be tricked into getting a high-rate merchant credit card for holiday shopping. If you are in the market for a credit card, JMAFCU has you covered! Our low-rate Visa® credit cards have no annual fee and no fee on balance transfers. We offer three different Visa credit cards designed to meet a variety of credit needs. You can click here  to apply and have your card in hand before the holiday season kicks off!

Meet Our Team:

Paola, Deerfield Beach Branch Supervisor, joined the JMAFCU team in June of 2014. With vast banking experience behind her, she was amazed at the difference between banks and credit unions. Being well-versed in all services provided by JMAFCU, she is extremely eager to share them with our members.

Having moved here from Colombia at the age of 15,
Paola is fluent in both English
and Spanish. Paola is also very creative! An artist at heart, she attended school for creative design. She loves art, painting
and photography.

Paola has a beautiful smile and
an outgoing personality. She enjoys getting to know her members. If you are ever on
the Deerfield campus, stop by
and meet Paola and see for yourself how energetic and enthusiastic she is. She would
love to show you how much JMAFCU can make a difference
in your financial well-being.
Gift Giving Season Is Here! 
Get Your No-Fee Visa ®
Gift Cards Today!

The number one gift of
choice is a gift card. 
one for everyone on your
list at JMAFCU. 

Plus, you can personalize your cards! Stop in today!
With your turkey, ingredients for the holiday meal and décor to set the ambiance, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner is not cheap. If you're looking for ways to cut back without compromising on quality, read on for seven easy ways to save on Thanksgiving costs this year.  
1. Verify your guests' attendance.
Get an accurate head count of your dinner guests. Verify that all who are invited are indeed planning on showing, and only then begin planning your menu.
2. Find out what your guests like.
While doing your inviting, find out your guests' individual tastes and diets. Be sure to ask about particular foods your guests like to eat and those they won't touch. If something on your menu isn't very popular with your guests, skip it - even if you think it's "obligatory" for a Thanksgiving table.
3. Make it a potluck.
Slash your spending and your stress in one step by answering an enthusiastic "yes!" to every guest who asks if they can bring something. Don't just say "anything's fine," though, or you might have seven desserts. Instead, create a Google™ Sheet, Facebook® event or similar product with your planned menu and let your guests input what they'd like to contribute to the meal.
4. Serve on smaller plates.
Most people will load up their plates to capacity, regardless of the plate's size. Curb the wasting at your table by using smaller dinnerware. They can always take seconds later.
5. DIY décor.
You can set a beautiful holiday tablescape without blowing your budget with a little imagination. Shop the local dollar store for discounted décor that still packs a punch, like colored vases, fake flower arrangements and other centerpieces. Look for easy, inexpensive DIY ideas online. Finally, get creative by using things around the house - or yard - as your décor.
6. Shop the sales.
Supermarkets tend to run specials on Thanksgiving staples starting as early as Halloween. Plan your menu in advance so you can take advantage. You can also keep your menu flexible until you see the circulars and then base your dishes on the ingredients and produce that are cheapest. Also, be sure to shop around for your turkey! Grocery stores tend to have the best deals on the birds, with some even running free-turkey deals when you spend a specific amount on other groceries.
7. Cook from scratch.
Almost everything is less expensive - and tastes better - when it's homemade. Start your cooking well enough in advance so you don't find yourself relying on too many convenience foods.
You don't need to spend a fortune in order to create the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. All it takes is a little planning!
Member Testimonial -  Capital Mortgage   
First-Time Homebuyer - Great Experience

As a first-time homebuyer, I had a great experience
with John. He assured me that it was okay to ask questions, which made me feel more comfortable in asking the million questions I had! He was patient and very responsive. I made an offer on a Friday evening
and he helped with the process over the weekend.
I was impressed with how quick and easy the closing process was as well! I closed in about 30 days without any delays or issues.

Yuliya V.
»  Our members have had great success using Capital Mortgage Funding for their mortgage needs. Perhaps 
they can assist you!
Notify JMAFCU if you are traveling now or anytime throughout the year to help diminish travel issues when using your JMAFCU credit or debit cards.  Member Security Center and JM Card Safe are great tools that work well together. Both are designed to protect your information and keep you in control. If you have not already, download the JM Card Safe  app today!
Shopping Safety
Keep your eye out for theft and fraud this time of year. Follow these simple rules:
1. Plan ahead.
Planning ahead means you'll spend less, be out of line faster and decrease your risks. Sites like can help you plan your
day and find the best deals.

2. Use credit cards only.
Credit cards are the best way to shop when there are high risks to 
your safety. You can always dispute a charge; you can never reclaim 
stolen cash. Also, keep your card as close to you as possible. If using 
a debit card, cover the payment terminal with your other hand when inputting your PIN.

3. Shop with a friend.
The mall may be crowded, but a determined criminal can find a way 
to corner you and empty your wallet or take your bags. Stick with your friends and never enter deserted areas alone.

4. Keep your cool.
Nothing you can purchase on Black Friday is worth your health or safety. Avoid all scuffles with fellow shoppers.

5. Move your car. 
If you spend the day at the mall and routinely drop off your bags in 
your car, it's best to move your car to a different spot. Thieves watch shoppers leaving the mall with lots of bags and follow them to their 
cars. If they see you dropping off your goodies and then heading back 
to the mall, they'll consider making off with your things. If you drive
off, though, they'll think you're leaving and won't follow you.

6. Stay safe online.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are notorious for online scams of every kind. Here's what to remember when shopping online:
  • Beware of phishing scams. Be alert for suspicious-looking emails and links. Delete anything that doesn't look right.
  • Make sure your connection is secure. Verify security by looking for the padlock icon on the address bar and by using sites with
    an "s" tacked on to the "http."
  • Pay securely. Only use trusted payment systems like PayPal® or Google Wallet™. Shop from sites you trust and make sure they're legitimate by checking the URL and looking out for sites that end in .org or .net. Never agree to wire money for a purchase.
  • Strengthen your system. Before shopping online, check that your device's security systems are updated with the most recent protection and security patches. If you're using Wi-Fi, make sure the network is secure and requires a password to join.
Get a $100 Cash Reward 
for Each New Line You Switch to Sprint
Now there are even more benefits to credit union membership! As a credit union member, you can earn $100 for each line when you switch to Sprint ®.
Here's how it works:
  • Members get a $100 cash reward for each new line when they switch to Sprint.
  • Current Sprint customers will receive a $50 cash
    reward for each line transferred into Sprint Credit
    Union Member Cash Rewards.
  • Plus, get a $50 loyalty cash reward every year for
    each line.
  • Credit union members are eligible for 25% off accessories with the Sprint Credit Union Member
    Cash Rewards program.
Here's how to sign up for Sprint cash rewards:
  1. Become a Sprint customer.
  2. Register at
  3. Allow up to six to eight weeks to see cash rewards directly deposited into your credit union account!
Make the switch today and save with the Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards!

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