March 27, 2020
Be an ASA Digital Dealer!
ASA digital products are available to dealers for resale. Known for being the most accurate, trusted, and reliable source for aviation training books and test preparation software, ASA has built a reseller system that allows you to sell eBooks , eKits , video downloads , textbook images and other digital content to your customers. This on-demand system provides another profit opportunity, particularly helpful during these uncertain times with reduced shipments and an increase in the use of virtual classrooms.
Please note that ASA digital products are NON-REFUNDABLE .

Benefits to selling ASA Digital Products:
  • New Products - Access to hundreds of additional ASA products to sell
  • Virtual Products - Ideal for virtual classrooms, remote learning and self-study
  • Just-in-Time Ordering - Delivered in seconds, 24/7 at no charge
  • Cost Efficiency - No inventory costs, pay only for what sells
  • No Returns Necessary - Unused tickets can be destroyed
  • Delivery Flexibility - Tickets can be emailed to your customers or uploaded into e-commerce website dispensers
  • Minimal Logistics - Tickets have no shipping cost and no storage footprint
  • Advance Receipts - Collect money from your retailers for all tickets, but pay only for what they sell
  • Opportunity - The right products on-demand

For more information on how to sell digital content, including eBooks, video downloads and instructor resources, contact your ASA Distributor .
Watch this video for a brief history of ASA and
what we have been up to for the last 80 years.
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