June 2018
Hi Everyone!

Summer weather is upon us so it's time to shed those extra layers! I know we are all short on time but if you had a quick but intense workout you could do at home with no equipment other than a foam roller would you do it? Well you're in luck, we are offering one below that you can complete in 30 minutes!

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You can do this entire workout every other day if desired. All you need is a foam roller for the prep work. Also, research has shown that using a timer or metronome helps the brain to absorb the movement patterns which can boost results. There are tons of timer apps out there. I use one called Interval Timer in the office. We also use a metronome app to set bpm when necessary.


FOAM ROLLER- 30 seconds each
Duration 3-4 minutes

  • Pec (chest) stretch - Lie lengthwise on roller with arms out and palms up

  • Glute Med/Min- Sit on the Foam Roller with legs together and lean to the left and right to apply pressure to the outside hips.  Do one side then switch.

  • Quadricep (front of thighs)

  • Inner Thighs -Lie beside the foam roller length wise.  Place one leg over the roller to apply pressure to the inner thigh (from knee to groin)- Do one side then switch

  • It Band- Lie on the foam roller on your side to apply the pressure to the outside of the leg from the hip muscle down to the side of the knee.  Do one side then switch

Workout Tabata Intervals **
30 seconds work/10 seconds rest
Duration: approximately 7  minutes

  • Front plank 
  • Bridges
  • Side plank
  • Dead Bug
  • Jumping jacks

Rest 2 minutes then repeat (2 circuits)

20 seconds work/10 seconds rest
Duration: 4 minutes

  • Single Leg Balance
  • Push Up
  • YTA
  • Mountain Climbers

Rest 2 minutes then repeat (2 circuits)

20 seconds work/10 seconds rest
Duration: 4 minutes 

  • Reverse Lunge W/ Overhead Reach
  • Ice skaters
  • Squats (optional- Add jump)
  • Side Lunges

Rest 2 minutes then repeat (2 circuits)

Cool Down: Walk it off. You've earned it! That was a tough one!
Duration 3 minutes

** Please use common sense when starting a new workout. Don't overdue it and stop if you experience pain or injury.
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