November 2023 Voice & IT News
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News You Can Use: The Impact of Technology in 2024 and Beyond
If you’re thinking about next year’s business and technology goals, you’re not alone.

IEEE, the professional association for the global engineering and technology community, has published a fascinating look at tech trends coming in 2024. Global tech leaders weighed in with their forecast on where tech will have the biggest impacts.

AI is expected to be the most important technology in 2024, including predictive and generative AI, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP).

More technology impacts that are top of mind for the new year:
  • Real-time cybersecurity vulnerability identification and attack prevention. The biggest concerns are data center and cloud vulnerability, security issues related to the mobile and hybrid workforce/employees using their own devices, ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, and insider threats.

  • Extended reality (XR), including metaverse, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) 

  • Leveraging 5G and emerging 6G 

  • Increasing supply chain and warehouse automation efficiencies 

  • Aiding and accelerating software development

  • Automating customer service 

  • Speeding up candidate screening, recruiting, and hiring time 

  • Accelerating disease mapping and drug discovery

  • Automating and stabilizing utility power sources  

  • Development of communication satellites for mobile connectivity to bring parity to rural and developed regions.
  • Quantum computing’s significantly higher computing power – a trillion times higher than that of today's most advanced supercomputers

More results of "The Impact of Technology in 2024 and Beyond: an IEEE Global Study" here: 

Closer to home, now is a great time to start evaluating your office technologies and setting your strategic business goals.

Schedule your 2024 planning session with CTS today. Call 800.787.4848 or
Customized Business Communications… Mitel’s Flagship UC platform supports SMBs and Large Enterprise
MiVoice Business is Mitel’s award-winning Communications, Collaboration, and Customer Experience solution. 

An incredibly feature-rich UC platform, MiVoice Business delivers choice and flexibility.

  • Voice - Superior collaboration and contact center solutions offer PBX features, advanced call control, mobility, and IP desk phone options to enable users to choose where and how they communicate.

  • Collaboration and Remote Working - Whether in the office, at home, or on the road, MiVoice Business brings people together. Organizations can choose chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and more, all in one solution.

  • Deployment Flexibility - With the option to deploy the solution on-premises, in a public or private cloud environment – MiVoice Business can be licensed with either a traditional upfront CapEx purchase or with an OpEx subscription. Subscription licensing makes your budgeting more predictable and reduces upfront communications costs with the flexibility of monthly recurring payments. 

  • Simple to manage - It is easy and simple to perform day-to-day user management tasks (Moves, Adds, and Changes), with the MiVoice administration portal. With a browser-based, intuitive interface, you have the flexibility to drill down and manage group or individual updates.

  • Hardware Designed for a Variety of Business Needs - MiVoice can also be deployed on-premises using a range of purpose-built hardware platforms – each offering a combination of user capacity and phone network connection options to fit your specific needs.

  • Fits The Unique Needs of Any Size Organization - Large, small, or in between, MiVoice is designed to fit the unique needs of any size organization at each stage of its growth.

Let’s talk about the customized features your small to large business needs to thrive. Contact us today: 800.787.4848 or
Healthcare is shifting to a Remote Model… The Future of Distributed Healthcare
The doctor will see you now – at home.

Healthcare is rapidly shifting to a remote model, with doctors diagnosing and monitoring patients virtually. The change, initially driven by the pandemic, is evolving to become the new norm for care due to cost reduction efforts and an increasingly tech-savvy population.

Institutions like the NHS, Medicaid, and Medicare are also leading the shift towards telehealth - undertaking large-scale initiatives to digitize records and make virtual care more accessible to patients and providers.

Remote care offers patients more personalized, meaningful, and equitable treatments in their preferred locations.

  • Virtual monitoring and communications solutions increase patient engagement in their health while reducing the burden on clinics that may be understaffed and underfunded.

  • Digital care can range from a quick telehealth chat to long-term treatment at home with the help of visiting caregivers. 

  • Apps, self-testing kits, and e-prescriptions make healthcare accessible and convenient even for patients who might otherwise experience barriers to care.

CTS and Mitel’s HIPAA-compliant communications solutions are a critical piece of the remote healthcare puzzle, facilitating effective doctor-patient relationships. 

The technology for remote healthcare is constantly evolving:

  • Omnichannel chat, voice, and video platforms keep patients, healthcare professionals, and providers connected and informed, regardless of location.

  • API integrations mesh with providers’ existing digital ecosystems, reducing silos and enabling easy, secure data transfer. 

  • AI-supported automation triages and prioritizes patient calls, tracks patient recovery, and sends prescription renewal reminders, while smart scheduling improves efficiency and response times.

Learn how the latest healthcare communications and collaboration systems facilitate better patient outcomes. Contact us today at 800.787.4848 or
Get to know CTS-powered Beacon Cloud Voice for Business
With 35+ years of service, CTS is your single-source technology leader supporting over 5,000 customers based in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, and across the Mid-Atlantic. Our private and public sector clients count on our complete voice, data, and video solutions—locally and nationwide.

Beacon is a division of CTS, offering seamless cloud-based communication solutions for your business.

Check out our services here:

How does Beacon Cloud Voice compare?

  • Lower cost
  • No more busy signals
  • Complete portability + true mobility
  • Effortless scalability
  • Advanced features for small + large teams
  • Clearer voice quality
  • Supports seamless multi-tasking
  • More flexibility
  • 24 X 7 X 365 service
  • Onsite local support + training

Beacon makes Voice easy!

  • Desktop phones with vibrant displays
  • Advanced web portal for users and administrators
  • Need cabling and Wi-Fi? Our networking experts are here to assist
  • VoIP brings it all together… Performance and savings
  • Online management
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Powerful platform

Ready to connect with the Cloud? We deliver and set up everything. Contact us at 443.577.1733 or
Make the Most of Microsoft Teams with Mitel
Mitel offers tools and apps that seamlessly integrate Mitel’s enterprise-class telephony features with the MS Teams platform.

  • Integrate your telephony system with Teams through Mitel’s Telephony-only client available in the MiCollab app and enjoy all the robust telephony features that Mitel offers. 

  • Mitel Assistant is available for free on the Microsoft app store and delivers Mitel softphone capabilities to Teams users’ desktops as a floating app. Mitel Assistant allows you to make and transfer calls, search directories, set speed dials, import contacts, activate 3-way conferencing, and more from your Teams screen.

  • Mitel also offers presence integration between Teams and Mitel telephony users, allowing users to see whether a colleague is on a phone call – regardless of platform.

Making Microsoft Teams More of a Team Player

Microsoft Teams is great for video meetings and sharing documents. However many businesses still need high-quality telephony applications to run their business.

  • Schools and universities, for example, rely on mass notification via mobile devices to protect students, staff, and parents during emergencies. 

  • Financial services companies must maintain inbound contact centers supporting call recording and other advanced telephony features. 

  • Retail businesses need to connect workers on the sales floor to customer service applications via telephone to help customers in real-time.

  • Healthcare facilities may use Teams for video collaboration between facilities, but what about emergencies where a doctor or nurse needs to respond when they’re not near a laptop? Telephony services can provide the critical link to life-saving answers in seconds. 

  • Hotels may use Teams for internal meetings or drive customer engagement, but telephones still play a critical role in their daily life. Guests rely on in-suite phone services to contact staff and receive messages. Cleaning staff can use those same phones to indicate when a room is clean and available for guests. 

CTS and Mitel can help your organization improve teamwork in a hybrid world. Contact our Mitel + Teams experts today at 800.787.4848 or
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