MARCH 2023, ISSUE 173
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11 Habits for Lower Blood Pressure
Living with diabetes makes us twice as likely to be affected by hypertension. Tom Lang shares eleven lifestyle habits that can lower our blood pressure without medication.

Kidney Damage & Chronic Kidney Disease
Adults with diabetes, high blood pressure, or both are more likely to develop kidney disease, and it's more common in women than in men. Learn about risk factors and ways to protect your kidneys in our Kidney Damage & Chronic Kidney Disease resource.

¿Qué es la Enfermedad Renal Crónica?
Los adultos con diabetes, presión arterial alta o ambos tienen más probabilidades de desarrollar enfermedad renal y es más común en mujeres que en hombres. Aprenda sobre los factores de riesgo y las formas de proteger sus riñones en nuestro recurso ¿Qué es la Enfermedad Renal Crónica?

From the Experts
Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy
Thinking about kidney disease and the potential complications may sound scary. Fortunately, we now have more treatment options than ever. Diana Isaacs, PharmD, BCPS, BC-ADM, BCACP, CDCES, shares ways to reduce our risk.

Take Action on Kidney Disease
If you worry about developing kidney disease, there is good news and actions you can take to prevent or delay the progression. Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDCES, BC-ADM, shares ways we can take action.

Reducir los riesgos de ERC
Aprender a cuidar nuestros riñones es importante cuando vivimos con diabetes. Tavia Vital BSN, BA, RN, CDCES revisa las preguntas y respuestas sobre la diabetes y la enfermedad renal crónica.

Real Stories
T'ara shares the diabetes stigma she's experienced around cultural foods, skin color, and body size. She defines best practices for inclusion and advocacy around diversity.

One of the most essential things Mary has learned over more than six decades of life with diabetes is that she must continuously advocate for herself. She also shares the many changes she has seen in diabetes management throughout the years.

Featured Resources
La diabetes y la salud del sueño
Marzo es el mes de la concientización sobre el sueño y la diabetes puede afectar nuestro sueño. Además, la falta de sueño puede afectar el manejo de la diabetes. Aprenda qué trastornos del sueño son comunes para las personas con diabetes y obtenga consejos para buenos hábitos de sueño en nuestro recurso La diabetes y la salud del sueño. Desarrollado con el apoyo de Jazz Pharmaceuticals y Beyond Type 1.

Diabetes and Sleep Health
March is Sleep Awareness Month, and diabetes can affect our sleep. In addition, lack of sleep can impact diabetes. Learn which sleep disorders are common for those with diabetes and get tips for good sleep habits in our Diabetes and Sleep Health resource. Developed with support from Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Beyond Type 1.

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Join us for encouragement, education, and peer support. Women age 18 and older, living with any type of diabetes or prediabetes, are warmly welcome.
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March 1, 7:00 pm

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March 6, 6:00 pm

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March 6, 6:30 pm

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March 16, 7:00 pm

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March 16, 7:00 pm
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