May 2015
Vol. 3, Issue 1
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Message from the Director
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BINA is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website at  The website features upcoming and recent events, as well as previous issues of our e-newsletter.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the  newsletter which features a wealth of information about BINA's ongoing efforts to reach out to both our families and the broader community with support, guidance and education.  

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 718-645-6400 or 

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Chavie Glustein
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Brooklyn Reception
BINA at Torah Umesorah Convention
Aphasia Symposium
Young Executive Leadership Board
Achiezer Eldercare Conference
Brain Injury Orientation for Families
Lakewood Reception this Sunday
Proper Use of Bike Helmets Saves Lives
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Brooklyn Reception Held on March 1st  

Rabbi Zolty addressing the crowd at Brooklyn Reception

Despite the inclement weather, the Toras Emes Hall was filled with devoted supporters of BINA Stroke and Brain Injury Assistance on Sunday, March 1, who gathered on behalf of the only Jewish organization providing guidance and assistance to stroke and brain injury survivors of all ages and their families.


Elchanan Schwarz, LMHC, Director of Crisis Intervention at BINA, opened the program by thanking the assembled guests for braving the snow and then introduced Rabbi Herschel Zolty, Rosh Yeshiva at the Mirrer Yeshiva and Rav of Bais Medrash of Flatbush. Rabbi Zolty exhorted the audience never to take the precious gifts of knowledge and understanding, da'as and binah, for granted. He praised BINA's incredible devotion to the families they assist and concluded with a heartfelt bracha that all of our challenges and difficulties be brought to a speedy close. 


After thanking the host committee and BINA's staff under the direction of Mrs. Chavie Glustein, Rabbi Schwarz welcomed State Senator Simcha Felder, who paid tribute to this humble but highly effective organization that "knows how to get the job done." Senator Felder reminded the gathering that while only the family members truly understand the confusion and upheaval of a brain injury, they are relieved of a huge burden once BINA steps into the picture.


A moving and inspirational video featured brain injury survivors telling their stories and describing BINA's impact on their lives. At the conclusion of the presentation, the audience was treated to an enthralling Q&A interview with one of the "stars" of the video, Moshe Blachorsky, who recalled his accident, long journey to recovery and how BINA has helped him every step of the way.


The program concluded with a heartfelt request by Daniel Simon, BINA's new Director of Development, that everyone in attendance consider increasing their previous donation in light of the powerful messages they had absorbed over the course of the evening regarding the reality of brain injury in the Jewish community.


Contributions can be made online at or by mail to BINA, 2511 Ave. I, Brooklyn NY 11210. For information about individual and corporate sponsorships or other giving opportunities, please contact Daniel Simon at  

Torah Umesorah Convention Marks BINA's First Foray into Educational World
Elchanan Schwarz, LMHC, manning BINA exhibit at the Torah Umesorah Convention


The annual Torah Umesorah Convention, held May 13-16 in Stamford, Connecticut, was an ideal venue for BINA to introduce its critical services to the educational community. A key aspect of BINA's mission is ensuring that brain injury survivors of all ages, including school-aged children, face as few obstacles as possible while on the often challenging road to recovery. 


While the return to school is a momentous step for pediatric brain injury survivors, it is often challenging as well due to a lack of familiarity in the educational system with the unique issues of brain injury. Therefore, BINA works closely with the school administration to ensure that each child's needs are accommodated and the necessary supports are put into place. 


BINA's exhibit was filled with valuable resources on pediatric brain injury with a focus on return-to-school issues. Elchanan Schwarz, LMHC, Director of Crisis Intervention and Caregiver Support, was very impressed with the high level of interest shown by the many dedicated educators who visited BINA's booth to gather information about brain injury and ask specific questions about students encountered in their classrooms. Please contact BINA for more information about pediatric brain injury in the classroom.

"Face to Face with Aphasia" Symposium 

Avi Golden at aphasia symposium

The Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Jamaica, NY, hosted a fascinating symposium on May 12, "Face to Face with Aphasia", which offered a wealth of information about aphasia, a language impairment resulting from brain injury which affects the production or comprehension of speech.


Ellayne Ganzfried, former executive director of the National Aphasia Association, opened the program with an overview of the causes and types of aphasia which affects approximately one million people in the U.S. Dr. Yael Neumann-Werth, assistant professor in the Department of Linguistics & Communication Disorders at Queens College then offered many valuable insights on how to interact with persons with aphasia.

The highlight of the evening was presentations by several individuals with aphasia who shared their personal stories of recovery and hope. Among the speakers was Avi Golden, a stroke survivor and advocate for the aphasia community whose compelling story is a true source of inspiration. Avi is a paramedic who participates in training programs on aphasia for first responders including police, firefighters and EMTs. He is also the founder of NYC Outdoors Disability, which promotes a range of outdoor activities for people with disabilities.

The symposium featured a health fair at which BINA's table found many participants browsing the educational material on display.

Initiation of Young Executive Board

The inaugural meeting of BINA's Young Executive Leadership Board was recently held. The board was created to raise awareness of BINA's work across a broad range of Jewish communities in various areas. Each member is excited by the challenges that lie ahead and has committed their time and talents to this important effort. 


A lively give-and-take took place at the meeting, with many ideas for events and publicity efforts proposed, all with the goal of enhancing BINA's "brand" and ensuring that every brain injury survivor receives the help they need. We look forward to hearing new and exciting initiatives from the board members in the future. 

BINA Presents on Brain Injury at Achiezer Eldercare Conference

BINA exhibit at the Achiezer ElderCare Conference

BINA was proud to be included as an exhibitor at the Achiezer ElderCare conference, which provided a wealth of information to family members seeking to provide the best possible care for the seniors in their lives. Held at the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel in Flushing, New York, the event provided both practical information and inspiration for the hundreds in attendance. 

BINA's table was a popular stop for participants eager to learn about the organization's services for stroke and brain injury survivors of all ages, including the vulnerable senior population.  

Brain Injury Orientation for Families
BINA is pleased to present a new bimonthly workshop for family members of individuals who have recently suffered a stroke or brain injury.  The workshop, presented by Elchanan Schwarz, LMHC, Director of Crisis Intervention and Caregiver Support, is open to all interested adult family members.

Topics include an overview of the brain's anatomy, types of brain injury and their impact on physical, cognitive and emotional function, and understanding the common challenges faced by brain injury survivors and their families during the rehabilitation process.


For more information and to register for upcoming workshops, please e-mail or call 718-645-6400 ext. 25.   

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