Message from the Director

Dear Friend,


We are happy to report that our recent Expo was an unqualified success and we thank those of you who were able to join us at the event. 


The Expo was a unique opportunity for individuals with disabilities and their family members to meet representatives of leading facilities, centers, agencies and companies covering every imaginable need in the world of disability and rehabilitation. We thank the sponsors, vendors and attendees for their participation.


Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.


Best regards.


Chavie Glustein


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BINA Expo a Resounding Success
Hundreds of people flocked to the Palace Hall on Tuesday evening, May 24th, to attend the BINA Disability and Rehabilitation Expo. Over 60 vendors participated in the event, representing a wide and comprehensive range of companies, agencies and facilities from the world of disability and rehabilitation. Individuals with disabilities, family members and professionals were eager to take advantage of every possible opportunity to learn and gather information regarding advanced and specialized therapy options, cutting edge technology, home and vehicle accessibility, concussion recovery and driver rehabilitation. 

The areas of home care funding and options, services for the developmentally disabled, Medicaid enrollment and legal services were also covered by experts who were ready to answer questions and share the latest information in their respective areas of expertise. 

As at past Expos, the Stroke and Brain Injury Research and Clinical Trials section proved to be immensely popular, with people standing on line to speak to researchers and professionals from Rusk, Burke, Mount Sinai and Helen Hayes who are at the forefront of the latest treatments and therapies in their fields. 

Mr. and Mrs. M., a couple whose 17 year old son is undergoing rehabilitation for a TBI (traumatic brain injury) suffered in a car accident last year, took a moment from stopping at booths to share their personal perspective. "Since our son's accident, it's been quite a challenge to figure out the best resources to help him. We have so many questions and decided to come to this Expo hoping that we could learn a few pieces of helpful information," explained Mr. M. "To our great surprise and delight," continued Mrs. M., "we've been deluged with information about every possible aspect of rehabilitation since we arrived. Several therapy methods - some of which we weren't aware existed - devices, insurance questions, a range of agencies...we're trying to cover as much ground as possible so we don't miss out on any possible resource." 

David A. was eager to speak to vendors and gather every available tidbit of information that could add to his quality of life. "As a person with a disability, it is very empowering for me to speak directly to these professionals...I like to be as independent as possible and this is a chance for me to ask my own questions and find out what's out there for me." These sentiments were echoed by multiple individuals who heaped praise on the BINA organization for hosting such an important event.

The positive feedback was expressed not only by the attendees but by the vendors who were thrilled with the keen interest and sophisticated questions of the many individuals who stopped by their exhibits to learn about their products and services. Several vendors commented that having attended many similar events in the past, they were highly impressed with both the professional quality of the Expo and the huge turnout. In the words of one company representative, "I just want to thank you and congratulate you on a job well done! You pulled off an amazing evening and I can't tell you how privileged I felt to be part of such a spectacular event." Another vendor commented, "Kudos to you for putting together such an informative venue for people looking for information." Yet another enthusiastically declared, "The Expo was quite a special event! I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it." 

Stay tuned for the next biannual BINA Expo in 2018!
Expo 2016 Photos
For more pictures of the Expo please visit our website.
BINA Families Join Groups for Educational Value and Peer Support
Many families turning to BINA for assistance find that due to the overwhelming upheaval created by the brain injury of a loved one, they are in need of support, and in some cases, professional counseling. BINA's Department of Crisis Intervention and Caregiver Support is available to immediate family members in the aftermath of a stroke or brain injury to provide education and counseling during this difficult time. 

At a later date, caregivers - whether spouses or parents - may benefit from BINA's ongoing telephone support groups. These allow them to network and gain sorely needed guidance and information from the facilitator, a licensed mental health therapist, and peer support from their fellow participants. 

The Director of Crisis Intervention and Caregiver Support, Elchanan Schwarz LMHC, describes the program as "an invaluable opportunity for people dealing with similar circumstances to problem solve, network and connect." "The fact is", he explains, "brain injury can be a very lonely place for both survivor and family. No one who has not personally experienced it can truly understand the challenges and issues that come along with it." 

Having run several groups, the common theme that has been expressed to Mr. Schwarz by participants "is the tremendous sense of relief they feel to finally be able to speak with other people who understand what they are going through, who 'get it'."
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