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Coppersmith Global Logistics can insure your shipments--just in case. While we never expect a loss, it is always best to be safe. Carrier breakdown, foul weather, lost or damaged product, are all common issues that can hurt any company. Protect yourself for only pennies on the dollar. Our industry history enables us to provide you with quality insurance coverage, at prices that are the best in town. We want you covered, because like you, we care. 

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Coppersmith Global Logistics can provide you with Customs Bonds, a requirement of U.S. Customs on import shipments. We offer single transaction bonds to companies that do not import on a regular basis and continuous bonds, which renew annually to companies importing regularly.

Our new E-bond system makes it fast and easy!

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Message from the President...

We are excited about how 2015 ended.  Considering the tremendous amount of challenges we all experienced the first part of 2015.   International trade suffered no permanent damage and most of the supply chain challenges are being addressed.  As we enter 2016 there are other challenges that are going to affect everyone.  In this Lew's News we want to tell you about some expectation for the coming year.

Customs (CBP) is moving to ACE, their Automated Commercial Environment platform.  The 15 year $3.5 billion project is going to be mandatory February 28, 2016.  There is a new SOLAS program that requires every export container to get a certified weight prior to delivery to the ship.  This new mandatory requirement is going into effect worldwide in 6 months!  We encourage all customers to become a  C-TPAT company. This CBP security program is the first step to becoming a trusted trader in the eyes of CBP and eventually leads to fewer exams and faster releases. Port congestion has been greatly reduced recently compared to the beginning of the year, but there are still areas that are a concern.  

We will stay engaged to hopefully suggest alternatives when necessary.  Finally we have some best guesses on the future of freight rates.  Carriers will have to raise rates eventually, but with additional capacity coming, increases might be hard to enforce.

Lots to think about but overall we are very positive about 2016 and the prospect of another great year.

Jeff Coppersmith
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"Whether it's a regular ocean container, a "just in time" airfreight shipment or traveling over land, Coppersmith Global Logistics' specialists are committed to keeping you connected every step of the way by providing complete quality service you can trust."  


" ACE, Number One in Fast Custom Clearances"
"ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)"
Change is coming!  While the train may have slowed to allow for more people to get on board, the push for an entirely new Import Processing System is well on its way toward completion.  The date is set for February 298, 2016 when all entry filers must be utilizing the new Automated Commercial Environment.  

Software vendors have been feverishly programming to meet the updated transmission modules that will require more detailed supplier, product, packaging, usage, and ultimate consignee information than ever before.  It will be imperative to have these details provided earlier in the supply chain process to enable CBP and other federal agencies to determine the security risk and ultimate admissibility of your product once it arrives into the United States.  Missing, unclear or untimely information will result in higher likelihood of examinations, delays and additional costs for your products.  Contact your suppliers now to assure that they can provide you the details in a clear, concise, and timely manner to assure proper release.  Coppersmith has been developing these new programs, in house, since their inception five years ago, and continues to be a pilot of the programs as they reach completion.  We will be ready for the change.  Will you? 

 Please contact our staff to learn what additional information will be required for ACE 2016!

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"C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)"

 Coppersmith is a certified participant in Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). Annually we must re-validate our procedures, personnel, partners, and vendors to assure that we are doing our part in securing the international supply chain.  As our customer or vendor, you too are encouraged to join CTPAT to ensure the security of your supply chain and receive the benefits that include reduced examinations and expedited shipment processing by Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  If you are not a participant, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire describing your company's own physical and procedural security measures.  Please be diligent in responding to these requests so we both can continue to receive and pass along the benefits of this Federal program.  For more information regarding CTPAT or any "best practices" security measures, please see our website for links to CBP, trade consultants and other related industry associations. 
Overweight Containers (SOLAS)

While this issue has been a problem for many years with our domestic trucking partners, the ocean carrier industry is now also trying to better control their load plans and limit excess weight in containers on their ships. 

New worldwide shipping regulations are coming that will require shippers to confirm their container weights prior to their acceptance by the ocean liner, pushing the responsibility back to the actual shipper who is loading the containers.  SOLAS or Safety of Life At Sea-  This regulation will benefit all responsible parties down the supply chain who are currently forced to provide special equipment or trans-load overweight containers that do not meet U.S. road or rail limits. 

Please start working with your suppliers to assure that they are meeting the weight requirements for U.S. trucking limits now, so there will be no problems when this requirement is released in the near future.

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Ocean Freight Rates

 It's been a difficult year for most carriers due to the changes in global economy mainly in Europe, India and Latin America along with the addition of some "mega" container-ships capable of loading 18,000 TEUS creating excess capacity. Rates have been dropping throughout the year but carriers cannot survive long term without increasing rates.
Container-ships with capacity for about 18,000 TEUs are coming to the United States. The question is whether the nation's port and inland infrastructure can handle vessels of that magnitude on a regular basis.

Ocean carriers CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, MOL and OOCL issued general rate increases on various trades. 

It remains to been seen if they will be able to implement the full GRI or (General Rate Increase) announced.

" Port Congestion "

This time last year anyone involved in America's container trades was struggling to efficiently move an influx of inbound traffic out the marine terminals and into the country's commerce.
   Some of this congestion could be blamed on the meltdown on the U.S. West Coast due the oft-contentious contract negotiations between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and its employers. However, it was also the result of a changing market dynamic toward bigger ships, increased container volumes and constrained shore-side infrastructure and cargo-handling assets to handle the trade on both coasts.
   In response, many of the country's largest retailers diverted cargo around to different ports, formed chassis fleets, and used untapped drayage to try to combat the problem and sometimes came up against congestion nonetheless. Many shippers, however, didn't even have this level of wherewithal and were simply stuck in the quagmire. That's when the industry realized that it needed to work together to break through this congestion and get cargo moving efficiently once again.
That's why it's now more important than ever for the industry to remain engaged with these task forces and working groups at the nation's key container ports for the next two to three years before we can truly say we beat port congestion.

"CMA Makes Offer To Buy NOL"
CMA CGM's Jules Verne container ship 
arrives in the    Port of Marseille,   Southern France Photo- Agence France-Presse-Getty Images. 

France's CMA CGM, the world's third-largest container shipping firm, made a $2.43 billion offer
 on Monday to buy Singapore's Neptune Orient Lines to expand its presence on trans-Pacific routes.
The deal would require anti-trust approvals from the United States, Europe and China. After they are obtained, a formal offer is expected to be launched around June 2016, 



We at Coppersmith Global Logistics keep pace with the ever changing govermental regulations in order to best service our customers.  Sharing our knowledge, experience, and systems insures all of our customers have a efficient and cost effective international supply chain.



Jeff Coppersmith

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