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Coppersmith Global Logistics can insure your shipments--just in case. While we never expect a loss, it is always best to be safe. Carrier breakdown, foul weather, lost or damaged product, are all common issues that can hurt any company. Protect yourself for only pennies on the dollar. Our industry history enables us to provide you with quality insurance coverage, at prices that are the best in town. We want you covered, because like you, we care. 

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Coppersmith Global Logistics can provide you with Customs Bonds, a requirement of U.S. Customs on import shipments. We offer single transaction bonds to companies that do not import on a regular basis and continuous bonds, which renew annually to companies importing regularly.

Our new E-bond system makes it fast and easy!

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In order to keep our customers and business partners informed of the issues affecting our global logistics industry, Coppersmith has listed below some of the changes that are taking place now.  Please follow the links or visit our website for more information.
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"Whether it's a regular ocean container, a "just in time" airfreight shipment or traveling over land, Coppersmith Global Logistics' specialists are committed to keeping you connected every step of the way by providing complete quality service you can trust."  


" ACE- Number One in Fast Customs Clearances"
"ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)"
June 15, 2016  FDA Implementation in new ACE program. 
Additional compliance, packaging, and content measures are now required for importation of  Food and Food Processing Equipment, as well as Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals.  Processing Lot numbers, production dates and handling information from product origin, fields, factories and packing plants through to final consumer, may be required depending upon the product.  

Please check with your local Coppersmith import specialist who can help you learn what applies to you.  Avoid shipment delays by having your information complete, before your product arrives!  Ask for an FDA checklist helper.  

Follow this link to Coppersmith's FDA-ACE Checklist

July 23, 2016  ACE will be the required processing platform for all government agencies.
Currently there are only a few government agencies who have been able to update their computer systems to comply with the mandatory transition dates as required by the federal government's modernization act.  The remaining 30+ agencies are working feverously trying to re-write programs or come up with a way to satisfy the electronic filing "single window" required by the law.  Many are resorting to Digital Imaging System (DIS) solutions to receive their required forms.  In all cases, there will be new requirements for all your PGA regulated products. 

Ask us how you can be prepared for this transition.

Follow this link to the Updated ACE Transition Timeline
"Doing the Math- 10+2= Compliance"
 ISF Enforcement to begin June 30, 2016

U.S. Customs Message CSMS #16-000499 to the shipping industry.  "For shipments that are on the water on or after June 30, 2016, CBP ports will no longer be required to send requests for liquidated damages (LD) claims to Headquarters for review, and the "three-strikes" approach to LD claims against importers' bonds will also end.  There is no change to cargo holds for ISF non-compliance; ports may hold cargo instead of (or in addition to) initiating LD claims.
If you have any questions regarding this matter, you may send them to ""

" Tipping The Scales- 

 SOLAS-Safety of Life at Sea
July 1, 2016  Implementation of SOLAS Verified Gross Mass-VGM requirements.

Based on the international agreement of the SOLAS countries around the world, ocean freight SHIPPERS will be required to Verify the weight of their product, packaging and freight container used for their shipment.  Carriers worldwide are being asked to enforce this VGM requirement by refusing or rolling cargo without a VGM certification.  Therefore, they are scrambling to create systems to receive this information, while NVOCC's and freight forwarders worldwide are adding fees to cover the costs associated with transmitting this VGM timely. 
 In the U.S. the USCG has confirmed that the scales in place at ocean terminals to weigh the loaded containers already satisfies the SOLAS requirement.  The OCEMA and FMC have agreed that there should be NO CHANGE to the current terminal weighing approach in use for US exports.  However, the international community is trying to find ways to satisfy this VGM requirement overseas and for LCL shipments.  Ask your shipper how he plans to handle the transmission of this VGM certification to the carrier and if you will have to help.  

We too are working with our service providers to assure both our offices and our agents are ready to accept and transmit VGM certifications to all carriers worldwide.

For more information follow these links- 

" Stay On Track-  Rail Free Time Reduced "

  June 1, 2016 UPRR Reduces free time for containers in their care.

Please refer to below reports from the Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR) and Burlington Rail Road (BNRR) regarding their new terminal storage rates and free time.  Highlights include reducing container free time from 48 to 24 hours at Los Angeles area terminals, removing Sundays from exempt days, and doubling storage rates.  Timely receipt of documents prior to arrival at port or inland rail ramp is now more important than ever to prevent extra costs.  

Ask us what is needed!

"Dumping Comes with a Penalty"
Anti-Dumping/Countervailing Duties-AD/CVD
June 1, 2016  Sureties increasing collateral requirements for AD/CVD imports.

Based on investigations into the valuation of many imported products, the government has implemented additional duties on goods from specific violating foreign suppliers, to keep product costs comparable with U.S. suppliers of similar products.  Most of these cases require years to determine the damage to the U.S. consumer market and finalize the additional AD/CVD duties on the violating merchandise. Usually, long after the product has been distributed and sold.  If the importer does not pay these additional duties, they are put on importer sanctions and their surety bond is billed.  Unfortunately, the sureties are finding that their initial AD/CVD bond was not collateralized enough to cover the increased duties and often the importer has disappeared.  In order to minimize these type of losses, sureties have decided they must both raise AD/CVD bond rates and obtain greater collateral from importers of this type of merchandise. 

 Please check with your surety to assure that you are fully covered, or ask Coppersmith for a bond quote and how much collateral may be required for your products.  Perhaps a different supplier in another country is a more economical option.

For more information follow these links-

Importer's Responsibility Under a US Customs Bond Covering Anti-dumping/Countervailing

"Say NO to Terrorism!"

C-TPAT: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
Customs' voluntary trade specific program to help secure the international supply chain. 

As a CTPAT Certified company since 2003, it is critical that all our shipping partners have security procedures in place to inspect, properly seal, and maintain the integrity of both shipping containers and trailers, from the point of stuffing, throughout the supply chain.   The program boasts reduced examinations, as well as enhanced shipment visibility, greater business support,  and private company reports through your own on-line CBP "Portal."  There is no direct cost to join this "best practices" program. 

We recommend our business partners refer to the C-TPAT link on our website to learn how to join or to review their "seven point" inspection process for empty containers prior to loading, as well as the 17-point inspection process for trailers/tractors.  There is also information regarding the required use of PAS ISO 17712 high-security seals on all trailers or containers bound for the USA, and the importance of "seal integrity" throughout the shipment process.  Join your business partners around the world in securing our supply chain.

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We at Coppersmith Global Logistics keep pace with the ever changing govermental regulations in order to best service our customers.  Sharing our knowledge, experience, and systems insures all of our customers have a efficient and cost effective international supply chain.



Jeff Coppersmith

Coppersmith Global Logistics