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"Let's Bond"

Coppersmith Global Logistics can provide you with Customs Bonds, a requirement of U.S. Customs on import shipments. We offer single transaction bonds to companies that do not import on a regular basis and continuous bonds, which renew annually to companies importing regularly.

Our new E-bond system makes it fast and easy!

Contact your local Coppersmith office for the details! 


"Did You Know?"

Coppersmith Global Logistics can insure your shipments--just in case. While we never expect a loss, it is always best to be safe. Carrier breakdown, foul weather, lost or damaged product, are all common issues that can hurt any company. Protect yourself for only pennies on the dollar. Our industry history enables us to provide you with quality insurance coverage, at prices that are the best in town. We want you covered, because like you, we care. 

Contact your local Coppersmith office for the details! 


"Bringing Your 
Pet Home "

Coppersmith Global Logistics works closely with the Pet Safe Program and would be happy to help you bring your pet home! 

Contact  Coppersmith for quick, compassionate customs clearance for your pet! 
Message from the Vice-President...

Coppersmith Global Logistics is your full service company that can assist you with all your international shipping needs. We want you to be informed of some of the exciting things that are happening in our industry that may affect you and your shipments in the immediate future. This list is not extensive and only shows a few of the many issues that are taking place daily.

 Please contact your local Coppersmith office or visit our website to learn more about these and other current affairs, get a quote or learn more about our service offerings. 

For nearly 70 years we have provided quality customer service and been a leader in the logistics industry. Import, Export, Ocean or Air, we are here to help. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Bud Coppersmith
Executive Vice President
" Committed! Connected! Complete!"

Our Pledge


"Whether it's a regular ocean container, a "just in time" airfreight shipment or traveling over land, Coppersmith Global Logistics' specialists are committed to keeping you connected every step of the way by providing complete quality service you can trust."  


" ACE and the PGA's"

ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) went into effect over a year ago and is still causing fits in the international trade community. Customs brokers and importers who are filing import documentation into the new system are finding that programming changes and system outages are almost a daily distraction.  

To date, less than half of the 47 participating PGA's (Partner Government Agencies)  have been able to meet the programming requirements of the "single window" platform.  With each new agency comes a barrage of new data being poured into the system, often with unanticipated results.  

Coppersmith has remained at the forefront of the programming world and has used its leadership position to both test the new programs and provide valuable feedback to CBP as the latest programs are being rolled out to the trade community.  Our commitment to customer service and compliance using cutting edge systems, employee training, and industry involvement has helped to keep our customers shipments moving timely.  

Ask your Coppersmith import specialist what additional information you will need to provide to meet the government's current requirements.

"Traffic Mitigation Fee Increase" 

Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF-Pier Pass) Increasing in August

The ocean container terminals have for many years charged a Traffic Mitigation Fee utilizing the Pier Pass Company as the intermediary handling the transactions.  This fee was enacted to discourage the use of the container terminals during peak daylight hours and thus reduce the congestion on our roadways.
While there is a question regarding the program's success, the fees remain and are increasing by approximately 2% on August 1, 2017.  Please note that rates may vary depending upon how you pay your fees; a handling and outlay/advance fee may apply if you do not pay your fees to Pier Pass directly
Ask us how we can help you with these 
fees or if you can utilize the preferred 
after hours gates free of charge.

"Don't Be A  'No Show' "

No Show or Cancelled Booking Fees

Based on the abuse of the booking process where shippers, who are unsure of their ready dates, are placing multiple bookings for a single container or cancelling bookings to chase lower rates, Carriers and forwarders are now implementing a fee for each container that cancelled within 3-7 days of the vessel cut-off.  
Capacity on all carriers is tight and by customers creating false bookings "just in case" has put the carrier in a position of not being able to resell the space timely.   
These fees range from $60 to $150 per teu, excluding reefers. 
Let us help you provide accurate information when 
making bookings so you can avoid this fee.

Coppersmith can help you find the 
right carrier with the best sailing 
schedule to meet your needs. 

"Say 'No' to Terrorism- C-TPAT"

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism C-TPAT"
Customs' voluntary trade specific program to help secure the international supply chain.

Now in its 15th year, C-TPAT is still being touted as the network of compliant companies in the international trade industry that are creating a web against terrorism.  CBP continues to push importers and exporters to secure their supply chains by joining the program and using vendors who are also vigilant about security.  They offer benefits which include less examinations and streamlined review of documentation and merchandise. 

Please review CBP's website via the link from our Coppersmith Security page to learn more about the program and join us as we all work to make the world a safer place.

"Holiday Shipping is Right Around the Corner"

Peak Season Surcharges 

While many carriers have delayed the implementation of their Peak Season Surcharge (PSS), rest assured that there will be a Peak Season and some sort of PSS will be implemented by most if not all the major carriers.  
Space will be tight before the holidays and everyone will be paying more to guarantee their space.  We are being advised that this PSS charge will range from $500 to $800 per container and will start as early as mid-August.  
Which carriers will tote the line?  

Ask your Coppersmith sales representative to find out how this will affect your rates and services.

"Celebrating 69 years!

Founded in 1948. 

Coppersmith Global Logistics proud to meet customer needs for more than half a century and beyond. 


We at Coppersmith Global Logistics keep pace with the ever changing governmental regulations in order to best service our customers.  Sharing our knowledge, experience, and systems insures all of our customers have a efficient and cost effective international supply chain.


Jeff Coppersmith

Coppersmith Global Logistics