District 56 provides maintains photo albums for special events in the district. You can view photos and share your own for the 2022-23 Year End Celebration, 2023 Fall Education Summit, and Spanish Club Officer Training.

If you have photos from special events, including events at your club (like open houses, speech contests, or special guests) follow these easy steps to share your photos with D56.
  1. Open your Gmail account
  2. Select Google photos from the 9-Dot Apps menu in the upper right, or open another tab and enter "photos.google.com"
  3. Create an album. Give it a descriptive name and include the date, such as "11-4-23 D56 Education Summit"
  4. Upload your photos from your local storage to the album
  5. From the album, you will see the a menu in the upper right (see image)
  6. Select the "less than" icon which is second from right
  7. In the next menu, share with [email protected] to share with District 56