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February 2021 | Issue 5
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Director's Update

We recognize that district personnel have been faced with planning for how instruction will occur on an ongoing basis. We have been faced with adaptive problems for nearly a year now; problems where there are no known solutions to the issue at hand or circumstances where there are too many solutions, but no clear choices. 

As we navigate our journey, I thought about a quote from Jon Saphier. Jon Saphier is the Founder and President of Research for Better Teaching, Inc., a professional development organization dedicated (since 1979) to improving classroom teaching and school leadership throughout the United States and internationally. A few years ago, many educators within our region had the opportunity to attend professional development sessions in which Mr. Saphier facilitated. In these sessions, he focused on content from his book The Skillful Teacher: Building Your Teaching Skills now in its 7th edition. During his presentations, he frequently referenced a quote; What we’re doing is important; you can do it, and I won’t give up on you. Mr. Saphier emphasized the importance of consistently communicating this message to inspire within all our students that they can and will rise to the expectations.
Taking this story one step further, we all need encouragement as we work together to collectively solve adaptive challenges we face. Consider applying Mr. Saphier’s message as you collaborate with colleagues by saying: What we’re doing is important; we can do it, and we won’t give up on each other to positively impact student achievement. John Hattie (March 2018) further substantiates the importance of these messages about collaboration and the importance of collective efficacy.
Stay well!

Michele Gaski, Director for the State Support Team – Region 3 (Cuyahoga County)
Keys to Literacy
Spring Online & Virtual
Literacy Professional Development
Are you looking for remote professional learning opportunities for educators in your school or district? Keys to Literacy (KTL) has flexible options for teachers, coaches, administrators, and support staff. Choose from multiple remote learning options to deepen educators’ understanding of evidence-based instructional practices to improve student reading and writing skills. All of the online professional learning opportunities provide the same high-quality that schools and districts have come to expect from Keys to Literacy. instructional practices are aligned to state literacy standards and are practical, drawing from our vast literacy professional development experience. Click here for a complete list of upcoming professional development offered by Keys to Literacy.
2021 Excellence in Education Nominations
The State Support Team Region 3 (SST3), in partnership with the Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio, is seeking to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of students with disabilities, peers who have built meaningful relationships with them, and outstanding educators who instruct and/or support their learning. Click on the category title below to complete a nomination form. Nominations are currently being accepted for the following categories:

1. Outstanding Peer Achievement Award – recognizes, celebrates, and honors student peers who have established meaningful relationships and are exemplary role models for others.

2. Outstanding Student Achievement Award – recognizes, celebrates, and honors students with disabilities and acknowledges their outstanding achievements, both academic and non-academic. (Nominees must be students – ages 3-21 and enrolled in a school program).

3. Outstanding Educator Achievement Award – recognizes, celebrates, and honors educators (including administrators, general education teachers, intervention specialists, and related service staff) who have provided exemplary instruction and creative programming that promotes educational results for students with disabilities.
The deadline for submission of nominations is MARCH 19, 2021. Please submit the completed form and narrative to your district’s Pupil Services/Special Education Director.
SST Monthly Highlight
OLAC Webinars

 OLAC has a new two-part webinar series to help teams assess their current level of functioning and together build a culture where collaborative professionalism is the norm which was released in November 2020. Part 1 addresses the four pillars of effective teaming, and the critical role psychological safety plays in team development. Part 2 includes supports that must be in place to develop psychological safety needed to reframe the work of teams leading to improved outcomes for all learners. Click here to access the webinars.
OPEPP Spring 2021 Professional Learning Workshops
The Ohio Partnership for Excellence in Paraprofessional Preparation (OPEPP) is pleased to offer workshops to assist school districts in more effectively using paraprofessional services to support student learning. Paraprofessionals, teacher-para teams, and other district, school, and agency personnel are invited to participate. All workshops offer a combination of synchronous as well as asynchronous learning opportunities. Contact hours are provided for participants who attend Zoom sessions and complete workshop assignments.
Click here for comprehensive information.

News You Can Use

Early Childhood Network Meetings in February

The Early Childhood Supervisory Network will be held February 11 from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. District early childhood leaders should register for this Zoom meeting by clicking here.

Early Childhood Itinerant Teachers Network is scheduled for February 19th from 12:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. Please click here to register.

A book study on Beyond Behavior Management: The Six Life Skills Children Need by Jenna Bilmes is scheduled for early spring. Stay tuned for more information.

Oral Language/Phonological Awareness, Reading and Writing in Early Childhood Education

On February 19th, 2021 SST3 will present a virtual PD session that explores research-based instructional practices for ‘intentionally’ creating and developing teaching practices to optimize the learning and development of emergent literacy skills in early childhood. Specifically, we will look at developing oral language and vocabulary for emergent literacy. This PD is intended for early childhood and kindergarten educators, intervention specialists, administrators, and other related service providers.
To register for this event click this link.

House Bill 436, Providing Additional Supports for Children with Dyslexia

On January 9, 2021, Governor DeWine signed House Bill 436, providing additional supports for screening and supporting children with dyslexia. Brian Baldridge, a state representative who co-sponsored the bill, noted that "dyslexia affects 20% of the population and is defined as an unexpected difficulty in learning to read. Right now roughly 350,000 students in Ohio have dyslexia, but unfortunately most don’t know they have the condition until it’s too late. Early screening and intervention has been proven to help dyslexic students learn to read and succeed in the classroom." The bill will go into effect on April 21, 2021.To read the full text of HB436 please click here, and stay tuned for updates from SST3.  

PBIS Coaching Network
Please join SST consultants and PBIS coaches and administrators on March 11, 2020 for our PBIS Coaching Network. Get updated information and participate in discussions with peers on topics that will strengthen your district and building PBIS framework. Register through STARS.

3 Best Practices for Nurturing a Positive School Climate
Many schools are realizing that in addition to nurturing their students' academics during remote learning, it is just as important to address their social and emotional needs. This article, on the Panorama website, speaks to building a positive remote learning environment, by utilizing three best practices.

Stop School Violence: Threat Assessment Training
The Ohio Department of Education is offering free, evidence-based school violence prevention virtual trainings to school personnel and students statewide. This is offered by a partnership of the Ohio Department of Education and Sandy Hook Promise. Click here to access ODE then scroll the page and click on the regional map for Northeast Ohio session dates and register your district’s team.
AASCD Update
If a student was identified in TIDE by Dec 31, 2020, as taking the AASCD they were assigned the Learner Characteristic Inventory. If it has been determined, using the revised AASCD decision-making tool, that the student will no longer qualify to take the AASCD it is important that the school/district contact the Cambium Help Desk at OHHelpDesk@cambiumassessment.comand ask them to reassign the Learner Characteristic Inventory to another student. This is important since the information from the Learner Characteristic Inventory is used as a component of the standard-setting process and as a measure of fidelity. The AASCD window has been extended. The earlier administration dates were 2-2-21 through 3-19-21. However, the date has been extended by one more week to March 26, 2021.

SPP Profiles
The special education profiles provide a check for how well the district system is operating for identifying and serving students with disabilities. While it certainly points out areas that reach a threshold for noncompliance, it can also inform the district about practices that need attention.  With the inclusion of the disproportionality data this year, districts have the opportunity to dig deeply into identification, placement, and discipline practices that could be under or over-representing certain student groups. A common misunderstanding is that a district that represents predominately one racial group could not be disproportionately identifying, placing, or disciplining students, which is not accurate. These data can assist in conversations about equity, access, core instruction, and MTSS structures.

Click here to view the SPP Office Hours schedule and to register for upcoming meetings.

Literacy and Students with Disabilities
As SPP indicator 3c for reading points out; the literacy achievement of students with disabilities in many districts across the state is of great concern. This is evident in the 3c reading and math data as well as in the percent of students with disabilities graduating by meeting standards. As we reflect on the root cause of these achievement gaps, foundational reading skills are often an area of need for students.  
Join us in early March, for a book study of Dr. David Kilpatrick’s excellent resource:  Equipped for Reading Success. The first 30 participants will receive a copy of this resource that helps teachers uncover student deficits in foundational skills – specifically phonemic awareness and accurate and automatic word recognition.
Watch our website and email notifications for dates and registration!


One Plan Release Date Update

The Office of Federal Programs released CCIP Note #461. The new and improved One Plan will be released on February 1, 2021. Cohort 1 organizations are to complete a three-year plan, while Cohort 2 & 3 are to complete a one-year plan until their three-year planning cycle begins. The One Needs Assessment and One Plan are due on April 30, 2021, for Cohort 1 districts and community schools. The One Needs Assessment and One Plan are due in June for Cohort 2 and 3 districts and community schools. One Plan trainings for districts and community schools will take place throughout February, March, April, and May for all three cohorts. (See CCIP Note #461 for more details.) For Cohort 1: The Office of Federal Programs will host bi-weekly open office hours for members of Cohort 1 starting January 19, 2021, until March 30, 2021. (See CCIP note #461 for more details.)
SST3 is also hosting office hours on March 4 from 9-10 AM to answer any questions about the One Needs Assessment for the One Plan for districts and community schools. Register for this session 

Support Schools Tool Update
The Support Schools Tool is targeted to be released in mid-to-late February 2021. The Support Schools will be optional for districts, schools, and community schools to complete this year. However, the Ohio Department of Education is recruiting districts and community schools to test the usability of this revised tool this year. The benefits to using the tool this year would include the opportunity to reflect on the progress of improvement efforts, to obtain feedback on the data submitted from both SST3 and the Department, and to share feedback on the process and the tool with ODE.  

If your district or community school plans to use the tool or is interested in participating in the use of this revised tool, please let your SST consultant know. As a reminder, the purpose of the Ohio Department of Education’s Support Schools Tool helps districts and community schools track the effectiveness of the implementation of evidence-based strategies identified in their school improvement plans. The tool supports district and school leadership teams as they reflect on the efficacy of their educational practices. District leadership teams, with the assistance of State Support Teams and the Department, also use this tool to identify areas of improvement, offer or request support, and inform targeted coaching efforts for individual schools.

This month, we want to emphasize Ohio's Graduation Requirements, and how these new requirements maintain a sharp focus on Competency and Readiness.

If you are a district participating in the Ohio Longitudinal Transition Survey this year (2021 Exits & 2020 Follow Ups), stay tuned for information about upcoming trainings. SST3 will send you information as soon as we receive it.

Also, please take some time to check out the webinar series organized through the Ohio Afterschool Network (OAN). The series focuses on college & career readiness skills with entrepreneur education.
How Ohio Schools Can Use a
Multi-Tiered System of Support for
Family Engagement
Dr. Barbara Boone and Hadley Bachman at the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center have created a tool for school districts and community schools to use to help them plan Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) approach to Family Engagement.

Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide
This guide aims to help parents and caregivers monitor their child's progress as their child accesses and uses technology for learning.

OCALI Offers a Look at UDL and Family Engagement
Ron Rogers of OCALI along with Dr. Barbara Boone of the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center presented a webinar, How can Universal Design for Learning Revive Our Family Engagement? In this webinar the presenters shared the basic concepts of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and offered ideas for using multiple means of engagement, representation and expression to give fresh perspectives on the opportunities schools create for families to support student learning.

Just a reminder, the next CTE/Special Education Leaders Network meeting is Thursday, February 25th. This meeting will be via Zoom, so please click here to register in advance. In addition to networking time, we will discuss PBIS in Career-Technical Programs.

In case you missed it, ODE has released the DRAFT Graduation Plan template. Districts are not required to use the ODE document, and feedback is still being requested by ODE. Click here to access the ODE Graduation Plan

Finally, please click this link to view important information about the Perkins V State Plan. In addition to specific ODE guidance on the local application, a DRAFT FY22 Local Application Template is available. Virtual regional workshops are being planned for January and February. As soon as these meeting dates and times are released, your SST3 Team will make them available.
Professional Development
State Support Team 3 is offering several opportunities for professional development. Click here to view our calendar of events. Please visit this site often as ever-changing circumstances may warrant cancellation or postponement of scheduled events.
Reset and Restart Planning Guide
Essential Information for

Information regarding Ohio's Reset and Restart plan is available to assist parents, families, caregivers and educators as they navigate the world of remote learning during this unprecedented time. Review for timely updates.
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Our mission is to build the capacity of educational systems as learning organizations inclusive of families and communities to develop and sustain proactive, integrated learning environments through timely and relevant professional development, technical assistance and consulting services.

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We believe that ALL children/students have the right to belong, learn, and thrive in a
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