September 2020
Market Update

The September 2020 Market Thoughts Video is now available on our website. Brad McMillan, Commonwealth's CIO, recaps the market and economic news for August. It was a very good month for the markets. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 reached new highs, and investors continued to move back into the markets. We also saw infection numbers decline, and the economic recovery started to regain strength. Consumer confidence looks to have bottomed, and wage growth has ticked up again, supporting spending growth. We're in a much better place than we were a month ago, but are there risks ahead? 

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How the SECURE Act Affects IRA Beneficiaries
A major provision of the SECURE Act, which Congress passed in December 2019, affects those who inherit IRA's. If you might be inheriting an IRA or are planning on leaving one to your heirs, it's important to understand how the SECURE Act changed the rules for beneficiaries.
Why Participate in Your Employer's Retirement Savings Plan?

Most of us dream of a retirement where our time is our own and we can do whatever we want. But where will the money come to do these things?  Fortunately, your employer wants to help by offering one of the most valuable retirement tools available today.  This video reviews three reasons why you should consider participating in your employer's retirement plan.
Lump Sum vs. Dollar Cost Averaging: Which is Better?
When it comes to putting your money into an investment, you need to decide how best to do it.  Is it best to invest your money all at once in a lump sum or should you invest smaller amounts regularly over time?  Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy can help you make a more informed decision.  Read more.....
A Thorley Wealth Management Exclusive Event!

Please join us September 22nd at 4:00 p.m. for a Thorley Wealth Management exclusive live webinar featuring Brad McMillan, Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer at Commonwealth Financial Network.  During this webinar, Brad will share his in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and financial issues that may affect your financial perspectives.  Register Here!  Check out the Upcoming Events page on our website for future webinars hosted by Thorley Wealth Management.