May 2019
Market Update

The May 2019   Market Thoughts Video  is now available on our website. Brad McMillan, Commonwealth's CIO, recaps the market and economic news for April. It was another great month, as U.S., emerging, and developed markets were all in the green. Although there were concerns about a slowdown at the end of last month, first-quarter economic growth actually came in well above expectations. Plus, consumer spending picked up, consumer confidence bounced back, and business investment came in stronger than expected. So, should we expect more good times ahead?

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Many Factors Go into Decision As to When to Claim Social Security Benefits
In her latest  Blog, Elizabeth talks about the variables that come into play regarding Social Security benefits you may be eligible for and assumptions around claiming strategies.
The Five Stages of Retirement
Retirement is a life-changing event.  We spend years looking forward to it, but when it finally arrives, many of us aren't sure what to do with ourselves.    Preparing for the transition retirement brings can help you make a smooth transition to this new stage of life.
A Proactive Aging Plan Can Avoid Future Problems

Having a plan in place that addresses challenges that occur as we age is an important part of your financial plan.  Our   WHealthCare Planning process helps you create a detailed plan of action for dealing with health issues, allowing you to have the future you want.
Understanding Advance Directives
Advance directives allow you to convey your decisions for end-of-life care, helping prevent confusion down the road.  Why is it important to have  advance directives  before they are needed and what happens if you don't?  
Helpful Tips:
Using the Account Aggregation feature inside Investor360 allows you to view your entire financial picture in one place.    Here's how.