June 2019
Market Update

The June  2019    Market Thoughts Video  is now available on our website. Brad McMillan, Commonwealth's CIO, recaps the market and economic news for May. It was a tough month, with U.S. and international markets down. At the same time, May's decline could be considered modest, and it was not based on fundamentals. Instead, it was all about confidence, which was rattled by a reignited trade war with China and proposed tariffs on Mexico. Still, there was some good news. Consumer spending picked back up, and job growth remained strong. Where does this leave us as we start June?

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The Retirement Income Gender Gap:  Dealing with a Shortfall
Women, on average, are more likely than men to face a retirement income shortfall. There are many factors that contribute to this reality.  If you (or you and your spouse) find yourself facing a shortfall, there are solutions available and what's best for you will depend on your circumstances. 
Making a Home Aging Friendly
If you're like most of us, you want to stay in your home as you grow older.  One step you can take now to help towards achieving this goal is to make certain your home can be modified to accommodate you as you age. But what does this entail? 
Do Your Parent's Need Long-Term Care Insurance?

Living in the age of medical miracles and longer life expectancies means many of us will be fortunate enough to have our parents with us as we reach retirement age.  However statistics indicate that by living longer, the need for long-term care increases, and long-term care is expensive.  There are options available to help.
How Updating Can Help Protect Your Information
Protecting ourselves from cyber attacks will always be an on-going challenge.  One thing you can do now is to ensure you regularly apply software updates (operating system and application) as soon as they are available.  Many of these updates contain critical security patches that help protect against attacks.  Find out more here.
Helpful Tips:
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