November  2018
Market Update

The November 2018   Market Thoughts Video  is now available on our website. Brad McMillan, Commonwealth's CIO, recaps the market and economic news for October. The month lived up to its scary reputation, with both U.S. and international markets down. Plus, housing started to roll over, and retail sales disappointed once again. That's not to mention the political risks. In the U.S., the midterm elections have increased uncertainty. In Europe, there are concerns over Brexit and political turmoil in Germany. Still, is there reason to believe that things might improve in November?

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Help Us Ensure a Happy Thanksgiving for All
Thorley Wealth Management is once again partnering with the Small Business Council of Rochester to collect and deliver meals this Thanksgiving.  We would like to  extend an invitation to you to join us in this worth while effort.
Eleven Ways to Help Yourself Stay Sane in a Crazy Market
Keeping your cool can be hard to do when the market goes on one of its periodic roller-coaster rides  It's helpful to have strategies in place that prepare you both financially and psychologically to handle market volatility.  This article gives some tips that can help keep you from making hasty decisions.
Donor-Advised Funds
A donor-advised fund offers an easy way for a donor to make significant charitable gifts over a long period of time.  In addition to requiring less money, time, legal assistance and administration to establish and maintain, it enjoys greater tax advantages than a private foundation.
Lifetime (Noncharitable) Gifting
Gifting can be a powerful estate planning tool, allowing you to transfer your wealth to others during your lifetime.  Lifetime gifts have many advantages and are done for a variety of reasons.