April 2017
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Carla's thoughts for the month

For those of you that mediate with me, you will know I love to decorate. 
Easter is one occasion that gets me going.  I have been collecting rabbits and chicks for years and now they form a Easter Parade on my dining room table.  Leading the parade this year are Mr. & Ms. Bunny, who are chalkware.  Vintage chalkware is made of plaster of paris and decorated with watercolors.  Chalkware dates from the 1910s to 1940s.   In another room, I have my Mrs. Bunny 1950s plastic blow mold that lights up and my vintage bunny holding a pink bulb in his mouth.  It should be an orange bulb since carrots are not pink but close enough.
Happy Easter!

Quote for the month:
Gobsmacked--this is a British slang term for when you have been left speechless or stopped dead in your tracks.  I have been gobsmacked by your behavior.

If You Did Something Embarrassing, Maybe This Will Make You Feel Better

By: Carla Cotropia

Have you ever felt super confident and maybe let it go to your head, to have something happen that knocks you down to reality?  Here are just of few of mine.

'In Cold Blood' Killer's Never-Published Memoir Raises Questions About His Motive

By Kevin Helliker
March 17, 2017

KANSAS CITY, Kan. In the half-century since Truman Capote published "In Cold Blood," investigative journalists and scholars have documented countless instances of inaccuracy and fabrication in the so-called true-crime book.
But only now is it emerging that Mr. Capote committed an arguably significant act of omission: He neglected to mention in his book or anywhere else that one of his primary sources-the killer Richard Hickock -tried turning into a competitor, by writing his own book-length manuscript about the slaughter of the Clutter family in rural Kansas in 1959.

Atticus Finch, Perry Mason and Michael Clayton Have Nothing on the Legal Profession's Favorite Attorney - Vinny

By Jacob Gershman | March 13, 2017

Vinny Gambini flunked his bar exam five times before passing it, which is among the reasons he is admired by Joseph F. Anderson Jr. , a federal judge in South Carolina.
"Despite the many setbacks he endures, Vinny's devotion to his clients and the cause of justice never waivers," the judge wrote. "The lesson here: Good lawyers are not quitters."

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