May 2016
Carla's thoughts for the month

May brings two important dates.  

Mother's Day on May 8 (Don't forget Mom) and Memorial Day on May 30.  Yes we get a day off but we shouldn't forget those who died defending our country. 

Also on my mind this month is a phrase I stole from my 8 year old niece Amelie. When she wants to make a point she says, "Just Saying".  It works in many different situations.  Just Saying.....
Happy May!!
I Love the Farmers Market..

Blog By: Carla Cotropia

Every Saturday Morning I get up and head to the farmers market at 3000 Eastside. I like to get there when it opens at 8. There is always a run on certain vendors. Here is my plan for navigating the market.

When Your Car Is a Giant Beer Can

By: A.J. Baime
April 5, 2016

George Randall, owner of retail liquor stores from Fairview Heights, Ill., on his beer can car, as told to A.J. Baime.

  How To Negotiate with your Kids

By: Laura Vanderkam
April 1, 2016  


Kids are crack negotiators. Parents often find themselves rehashing discussions about vegetable consumption, screen time and when the lights go out. If there is more than one kid in the family, the squabbles over what's fair can wear anyone down. Is there a way to cut the whining?

Taking Steps to Settle Cases
Two Sneakers @ a Time!
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