October 2016
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Carla's thoughts for the month

Now that it is October, I get to put out all my Halloween decorations.   I bring many of my pumpkins, scary cats and bats to the office. Hope you can come see!

This month I share my blog on "Why is it that sometimes we just feel like a grump" and my Book and Movie Recommendations.

 You will appreciate your day when you read "Tom Brokaw's thoughts on living with cancer."

Also, included this month are: 
  •  "There's a Golden Retriever in Chicago named Sporty Who Walks Himself."  This will make you smile.
  • "Congratulations Player One, Your Zombie Boss Didn't Fire You"
Happy Halloween!
"Trick or Treat"

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Why is it that sometimes we just feel like a grump

Blog By: Carla Cotropia

I am asking this question because I woke up today in a grumpy mood. Why? Who knows. I certainly don't. Why is it that sometimes we just feel like a grump?  


Carla's recommendation for interesting books and movies

  By: Carla Cotropia

Tom Brokaw: Learning to Live With Cancer

By: Tom Brokaw
October 1, 2016
For most of my adult life I have answered the question "Occupation?" with one word: journalist. I still do, but now I am tempted to add a phrase.

Cancer patient.

There's a Golden Retriever in Chicago Named Sporty Who Walks Himself

By: Katie Van Syckle
July 27, 2016
Clipped from the original article "The Best and Worst Cities to Be a Dog", is an article about a Golden Retriever in Chicago who walks himself and he's become somewhat of a local celebrity, according to his Owner David Duncan. 

Congratulations Player One, Your Zombie Boss Didn't Fire You

By: Jonathan Cheng
August 8, 2016

When Lee Jin-po was laid off last year for the third time in as many years, the 29-year-old mobile-game programmer expressed his frustration in his own instinctive way: He made a mobile game about it.

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