June 2016
Carla's thoughts for the month

June brings an important date to mind, Father's Day on June 19. All the Dads out there are often forgotten. Is it because Father's Day doesn't get the press that Mother's Day does? Or could it be that Mom's are more vocal than Dad's?

Also this month I am sharing how I water skied into a pier 43 years ago. I spare you the gory details and I am sure you are wondering how I did something so stupid.
Final thoughts include being a Texan and Diets. Have a fun and safe June. 
Happy June!!

I Crashed into a Pier 43 Ago

Blog By: Carla Cotropia

43 years ago this summer, August 22, 1973, I water skied into a pier.  I was on a Slalom Ski so I only broke my left leg (it was in front).  The other good news was I hit a wooden brace, which I broke in two when my leg hit it, instead of hitting a piling which would have flatlined me. I knew I had just made a major boo boo. Up until that moment, I had been fearless. I thought I was invincible. (Stupid to admit but true).

What Make Texas Texas

By: Manny Fernandez
May 7, 2016

People in this rapidly changing state believe their way of life is under attack, and they are making a kind of last stand by simply being Texan

 Why You Can't Lose Weight on a Diet

By: Sandra Aamodt
May 6, 2016


The problem isn't willpower. It's neuroscience. You can't - and shouldn't - fight back.

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