June 2017





Carla's thoughts for the month

Addiction of the month:
Kombucha Tea and the Eastside Farmers Market. I explain below why I love both.
Favorite Houston coffee/take out of the month:
Borgo Food Station at 3641 West Alabama at Timmons. I know there are a lot of good coffee places in Houston but Borgo is, in my opinion, the best. In addition, Chef Monica Fallone brings her Italian style and fresh cooking to Borgo's excellent take out food.
Favorite expression of the month:
I am copying the English with "BLOODY HELL". I will try this instead of "OH SHIT" and other equally tacky expletives.
Favorite Personal Motto of the month:
Get over your Bad Self.
Favorite idea for the month:
Accomplish more by doing less. Tony Schwartz explains in Relax! You'll Be More Productive  

Hello June!

Blog By: Carla Cotropia

So, what is the big deal about kombucha tea. I like the tangy odd ball taste and it is allegedly good for you. What is it? It is a fermented beverage of black tea that gets the fermented process through sugar. The sugar is basically used up with the fermentation process so this is not a cleverly disguised soft drink. Rather it contains a colony of bacteria and yeast that initiates the fermentation process once it is combined with sugar. After being fermented, kombucha becomes carbonated filled with enzymes and probiotics. Supposedly it helps your digestion and gives you energy. Some believe it helps heal and repair joint damage because it supports the preservation of collagen. Anyway, we know for sure that it contains beneficial probiotics and in case you haven't heard, probiotics are the latest health craze. Your stomach is, according to some health gurus, your emotional brain and you stomach likes probiotics! There must be a reason for the phrase-"My Gut Told Me" so keep your stomach happy and smart and try a kombucha tea. I keep a supply on hand at my office for my mediation clients and myself. Current favorites are Kickin Kombucha, flavor Vanilla Lemongrass, and Holy Kombucha, flavor Moondance (includes orange, ginger, turmeric and lemon) found at most local grocery stores. Also great is Pat Greer's homemade spicy ginger found at the Eastside farmers market.


Blog By: Carla Cotropia

One of my obsessions is the Houston farmers market on Eastside. Unless I am out of town, you will find me there Saturday morning, rain or shine. I love the idea of people selling their wares in a market setting. Yes, it is primarily food, i.e. veggies and fruit, but there are other things too.

You Can't Be Fooled by a Con? Don't Count On It

By: Susan Pinker
March 31, 2017

A friend recently discovered a surprise on her credit-card account: nearly $20,000 in cash withdrawals, along with charges for private-jet flights and a trip to Acapulco. This was no April Fool's joke. A young family friend, to whom she had offered moral support and a couch in her basement when he was in dire straits, had conned her.

If Offices Go Old School, I Need Booze

By Jason Gay
 May 30, 2017


America's most coveted workplace item? A door to slam in co-workers' faces! The Journal's Vanessa Fuhrmans reported last week that executives are tired of the egalitarian, open-floor planning craze, in which they are forced to share desk space, lunchtime aromas and even conversations with low-ranking employees, and are demanding a return to the era of private offices, where today's workplace leaders will be able to shut the door and save the company in blissful, creative silence. Or, nap.

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