November 2016
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We never did much for Thanksgiving when I was a kid because of the Aggie/Longhorn game which, in those days,  always occurred on Thanksgiving Day.  That game was a very big deal for Aggies and Longhorns and overrode any Thanksgiving festivities.  So I don't have a family recipe for turkey but I will share a yummy corn bread recipe.
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Having recently recovered from a knee surgery, I have been thinking about aging.  Hey, my brain still thinks I am a spring chicken even if my body disagrees.  So this month I have an interesting article on determining  your aging by getting your telomeres tested.  Telomeres don't fail me now! I also share a crazy way to be buried.  No thanks on that concept.

Gripe of the Month:  No Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jalapeno Cheese Corn Bread

By: Former Governor Ann Richards

It is quoted with Ann's recipe "We should have suspected that the Governor was born with a silver jalapeno in her mouth. It goes with the Texas territory and her corn bread recipe wins by a landslide from everyone who's tasted it."

Mail-Order Tests Check Cells for Signs of Early Aging

By: By Melinda Beck
Updated Oct. 24, 2016

Your cells might be aging faster than you are, and new tests purport to help you find out.
A few companies are offering mail-order testing to measure the length of people's telomeres, the protective caps of DNA on the ends of chromosomes that have been likened to the plastic tips that prevent shoelaces from fraying. Telomeres gradually shorten as people age and eventually may disappear, leaving cells vulnerable to disease and death.

Baby Boomers: Encase Me in Concrete and Dump Me in the Ocean

By: Alejandro Lazo
 October 27, 2016

HONOLULU- When he dies, Tom Sullivan doesn't want to be buried at sea, shoveled 6 feet underground or have his remains cast into a melancholy breeze.
Mr. Sullivan hopes instead to be preserved on the ocean floor as a "reef ball."
These artificial spheres of cement mixed with cremated remains are laid to rest on the sea floor by teams of professional divers, and meant to look and act like a coral reef.

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