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Volume 05 August 31
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  1. LIFETIME Membership << Best of the Best for multiple years, sports or athletes: $1,500
  2. FOUNDATION Membership << Best Way to Support. Great for 1 year of multiple sports or athletes + you build (get future credit) toward a LIFETIME Membership: $250
  3. ANGUS Membership << 30 tickets plus 10% off Spirit Wear at the Highlander Hut” $150
  4. HIGHLANDER Membership << 20 tickets: $100
  5. EXTENDED FAMILY PUNCH CARDS << 10 tickets as a nice gift to someone who likes to come to some games: $50

Really cools things to try a little or a lot
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For more info or to raise your hand, submit the online form (link above) or email: 
Boosters is rapidly embracing scan codes, chat bots and digital memberships

When you enter games, buy food, or just see a Boosters scan code around, SCAN IN! (meaning, hold your phone’s camera up to it and click the box to open Messenger) Besides keeping track of our alumni to help reunion committees, we will also be giving out a prize to one lucky winner each week who scanned in somewhere at HHS!
Monthly Booster meetings are open to you
For the agenda, times and locations, go to: 
What should we call the Concessions stand?
Our ”Concessions” stand must no longer be referred to as such. “Concessions” is so blah and unoriginal. We need a name! Can you come up with one? Something unique. Perhaps a double-meaning (not a double entendre – please know the difference). Something related to our school, our mascot, our awesomeness. Submit your great idea to: Challenge yourself! Winners will be announced this Fall.
Ask them if they want to be an “Influencer” for HHS
Sure we’ll give them some swag, let them hang with Angus and do all the dances, but we really want them to promote going to games and encourage classmates to get their names on our alumni list since schools are famous for not giving out names. Anyway, we solved it. Tell them they can put it on their resume, oh and get volunteer hours of course. Have them text “I want to be an influencer” to 262.389.5221.
We need up to 3 energetic souls to famously anonymous

For too long, our beloved Angus has been nothing but an empty suit. Literally and no more. Candidates will be put through a clandestine and rigorous interview and selection process, and then be trained by a professional (maybe just not a professional mascot). Be warned. Angus has some pretty big shoes to fill, but there are straps inside so they won’t come off. The maximum height and weight for the costume is 6’2” and about 210 pounds. Please send the text, “I want to be Angus” to 262.389.5221.
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Also, congratulations to this year’s co-Presidents, 
Liz Klug and Karen Fargo!
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Help stock “concessions”

If you or your son or daughter needs wants to make a little money, we need someone to move delivered concessions into the concession areas, and put items away on a shelf, refrigerator or freezer. Please Email if interested.
Individual Game Tickets Information

The District is using GoFan to sell single game tickets. You WILL NOT be able to buy tickets at the gate. To buy tickets, please go to: 

This is another great reason to become a Booster Member. Get your ticket punch cards or permanent pass. $100 gets you in the Club, plus it supports a great cause, obviously.
HHS Cameras vs. Homestead Live Sports
The District has cameras on the multi-purpose field and the soccer field. These cameras will be filming Varsity Football and Boys Varsity Soccer this fall. To view it, you need to pay for it. Get it here:
If you are interested in filming a game for the benefit of all, Homestead Live Sports, Channels 1-4 are available to you.
For access, please text or e-mail Brian Konya, 262-287-7888 In the winter, the indoor gym camera will be available again via YouTube. More on that, then.
Boys Cross Country
Congratulations to the Boys Cross Country Team and Coaches for the Win at the first meet of the season! It was a great night for our Varsity and JV runners at the D1/D2 combined Milwaukee River Invitational last Thursday.

Out of 11 Division 1 schools, with 204 runners, five Highlanders finished in the top 13 – Owen Bosley, Dominic Silhol, Cullen Boyle, Kyle Knutson, and Logan Kluck, for a total Div 1 score of 27 points. All the hard work over the summer shows in these fantastic results. Keep it up!
Varsity -
The Homestead Varsity Football team won in nail biting fashion in a back and forth game against Arrowhead. The game started even at 7-7 at the end of the first quarter. The Highlanders gave up a big score at the end of the half to go into the half down 7-14. The score remained unchanged through the 3rd quarter. Homestead scored and successfully converted the 2 point conversion to take a 15-14 lead. But Homestead again gave up a big score and 2 point conversion to fall behind 15-22 with 3:55 left. Down but not out, the Highlanders drove down the field and scored a TD. Going for the victory they went for 2 again for the win with 41 seconds left. A 23-22 victory on the road against a long time rival was so satisfying.
This week is another road game, this time against West Bend East at 7 PM. Come out and root on the Highlanders.
Recap from 8/26

On Thursday night, Homestead JV football struck first against Arrowhead by scoring on the first play of the game. Sean West, Will Vanlaanen and Sam Nemke were key contributors to the trick play resulting in a 73 yard touchdown. On Arrowhead’s first offensive possession Brayden Miller intercepted the ball to stop them. Later in the game after several Arrowhead touchdowns Deed Capper had 3 sacks to keep Arrowhead from scoring again. After great defense from Henry Benke and others Arrowhead found a way to score. Later, in the 4th quarter Daquan Malone had a 60 yard kick return to set up Kentrel Evan’s for a touchdown. The game ended with Homestead JV football loosing 13 to 42. Homestead JV footballs next game is 6:00 Thursday night 9/9 against Slinger at Homestead.

Recap from 8/19

Homestead JV football kicked off their season this past Thursday against Germantown and won 21 to 14. Germantown scored first, but after several series homestead scored with a running touchdown from Kentrel Evan’s. Homestead came out strong in the 2nd half with an interception by Brady Allen who ran it back for a touchdown. Homestead held their ground in the 3rd and 4th quarters with strong defense from the team and players such as Adin Gendelman, Deed Capper, and Griffin Bowers. Dominic Bruno was a key contributor on offense by making several big plays that kept Homestead advancing the ball and keeping possession. Sean West punched it into the end zone with a quarterback sneak to seal the win. Next game for Homestead JV football is Thursday 8/26 at Arrowhead.
Another high scoring affair this week with Arrowhead prevailing 43-14. 
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