There are several key reasons why chlorine consumption increases dramatically during the summer months. Unlike in the colder months when a pool has infrequent or no use, once Summer arrives and the air temperature starts to rise, a pool’s water temperature increases and therefore, pool usage begins to go up dramatically. The job of chlorine is to destroy all the bad things in the water - organic debris, skin cells, bodily fluids, and algae. Due to increased usage, there are more bad things in the water, and in warmer water temperatures, algae thrives. To keep the pool water properly sanitized, chlorine levels must be increased. Another item that necessitates more chlorine is the addition of fresh water to the pool due to evaporation and more frequent backwashing. Water loss between ¼” and ½” each day is expected. If water loss is greater than ½” per day, there may be other issues contributing to the loss. Give us a call and we can investigate this abnormal water loss with our leak detection services .

On a related topic - circulation, most pools should be circulating between 14-18hrs per day (more in some cases) during the summer months and twice weekly brushing of the pool walls and floor is recommended. If algae is present, circulate the pool 24hrs per day and brush daily until the algae is gone. 

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