Going virtual to keep everyone safe
St. Emily and St. Thomas Becket Parishes
August 5, 2020
Dear Families,

As you, school districts, and most of the country have realized, not everything we used to do is going to look the way it used to. 

I want to bring you up to date on our preparations for the coming year.  As we move our classes to remote learning, some changes are necessary to how we do things. In all of this, our goal is to help you and your children draw closer to the Lord in a quality educational process.

What will our program look like this year?
  • We are going to have Zoom sessions for 1/2 hour (maximum) for each grade once a week.  To make it easier for families with multiple children (not to mention catechists who also have children in the program), we are giving each grade level a separate time slot.

    These slots will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, at 6:30 PM, 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM.  (For example, eighth graders would all meet at 7:30 on Tuesdays.) We have not yet assigned the slots to each grade, but I will let you know when we do. 
  • You will be assigned a family email that will be your portal to our Google Classrooms.  Your email will be sent to you in a few weeks.  We are using dedicated emails as our Google account is structured to provide maximum security for your child's online experience.
  • As mentioned, we will use Zoom for online teaching, Google Classroom for various tools and archiving and then present the lessons to the students through Flipgrid.  We trust that you are familiar with these from your child's school, but if you are not yet, they are easy and intuitive.
  • Your child will have a physical book and have a Bible available (depending on grade level.)  We will schedule book pickups in the week of September 14.
  • We hope to begin class sessions the week of September 21.
  • There will be a focused lesson plan each class session.  Our goal is that families will see consistency in the delivery platform and the expectations for each lesson. Each lesson will consist of 
    • Via Zoom, meditative prayer done together.  (Families can join in!)
    • Input and discussion for 15 to 25 minutes depending on grade level.
    • Engagement activity done in the home.  Parents might need to be available for coaching or supervision.
    • Accountability / Assessment - Students will show their work, and ask their questions via Flipgrid or a typed form.
  • If you signed up for the homeschool option, it will be folded into this model for the fall semester. 
  • See below for suggested materials to have on hand.  We suggest that these be put into a bag or box specifically for Religious Ed, so you are not scrambling when it is time for class.

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.  We are all in dialogue and finding the answers as we look for them.


massesPlease remember that you can attend Sunday mass at both parishes.  You need to sign up ahead of time, as spaces are limited, and we need to keep track of attendees for 14 days.  For St. Thomas Becket, sign up here.  For St. Emily, sign up here.

The dispensation from attending Sunday mass is still in effect, and you may still watch the livestream masses on Facebook and YouTube.

Some of those who must take extra care with infection precautions have chosen to attend a week day mass, where there are many less people.  You can sign up for those with your parish, as well.

Please stay healthy, wear your masks and wash your hands! 

School Supplies for Religious Ed
What students need to have ready

It is recommended that students have a specific backpack or book bag that they use just for Religious Ed.

First Year through Third Grade
Fourth through 
Eighth Grades
1 two-pocket folder
1 box of 24 crayons
2-3 pencils with erasers
1 box of washable markers
1 glue stick
Blunt scissors
Pack of 9 x 11 construction paper
1 two-pocket folder
2-3 pens
2-3 pencils with erasers
1-2 highlighters
1 box of washable markers
1 pack of 3 inch post its
1 spiral notebook
1 glue stick
1 pair scissors
Pack of 9 x 11 construction paper

(Students in grades 5 through 8 are using the Breakthrough Bible. Replacement Bibles can be purchased from the RE office. )

Third and fourth grade students will receive their Bibles at the beginning of the year.
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