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Herring River Restoration Project and Chequessett Yacht & Country Club Reach Milestone Agreement
The Herring River Restoration Committee (HRRC) and Chequessett Yacht & Country Club (CYCC) have announced an agreement to advance the Herring River Restoration Project. 

"This agreement protects CYCC's golf course and business interests while allowing the project to move forward on schedule," Barbara Boone, General Manager of CYCC, said. "We had serious questions at the outset, but both parties worked hard and in good faith to reach agreement. We believe the restoration is an important opportunity for the town, and are pleased to be able to support it," Ms. Boone said.

The agreement spells out the flood protection measures the project will provide to CYCC before tidal flow is partially restored in the Mill Creek sub-basin where the club is located. These measures include raising the lower fairways of the golf course above planned water elevations, installing new irrigation, upgrading tees and greens, and relocating the practice area to an upland area of the CYCC property.

HRRC has agreed to seek up to  $5 million to cover  estimated flood prevention construction costs as well as estimated CYCC operating losses during construction.  

CYCC has agreed to provide additional in-kind public benefits estimated at $1.1 million to offset costs of proposed work on areas of the golf course that would not be directly impacted by tidal flooding but must be upgraded to be compatible with the newly- elevated golf holes.

"In the end, the agreement with CYCC is a large-scale example of the careful and detailed approach we will be pursuing with all property owners who have a structure that could potentially be affected by the Project," said Margo Fenn, Coordinator for the HRRC. 


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