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 July 2018

Ecologist John Portnoy will reprise his field talks this summer on July 16 and August 14.
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Free Summer Field Trips Explain the Effects of Tidal Restriction and Restoration
Join us  on Monday, July 16th, or Tuesday, August 14th to learn first-hand about the effects of tidal restriction and restoration in Herring River.

Retired Cape Cod National Seashore Ecologist John Portnoy will lead the field walk & talk sessions.   Each session will start at the National Seashore Parking Lot on Griffin Island at 9 am.

Each session will first follow the trail to the natural salt marsh near the Town Landing. There John will explain how the hydrology, chemical cycling, and plant and animal communities of salt marshes depend on their intimate connection with high-salinity coastal waters.
Next session participants will discuss the 300-year history of alterations to New England's salt marshes, using Herring River as a typical, though exceptionally large, example.
Finally participants will walk onto the Chequessett Neck dike, which has blocked tides from the estuary's 1100-acre flood plain since 1909, to discuss the damaging physical, chemical and biological effects of disconnecting the river from the marine environment.

All are welcome and there is no charge. Anyone interested interested in participating is asked to rsvp to

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The Friends of Herring River will celebrate its 10th anniversary on Wed., September 12th, at 4 pm.

Please save the date and stay tuned for more details.
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