Remembering and Honoring
Reflection Room

One of our MTM-CNM Family Conference traditions is creating a sacred space to remember our loved ones who have passed on. 

 If you would like your loved one included in the Reflection Room display, please email your photo along with your loved ones birth date and "angel date" to

Elliot Koh
The Koh Family

Carrie Koh shared the following story with us about her first conference experience in 2015 and she kindly gave us permission to share again:

"I attended my first MTM conference in 2013, only 6 months after the passing of our sweet Elliot.  While attending the conference was one of the most difficult decisions I have made since he passed away, it was also one of the most rewarding, healing, and comforting experiences I have had.
The initial thought of attending the conference filled me with fear and doubt: Would I be putting myself in a situation where I questioned our heart wrenching decisions throughout Elliot's life? Would it be too hard to meet other boys who are living with Elliot's disease? Would I be able to relate to other families, since my son was no longer with us?  As it turned out, attending the conference was the best decision for me.
I have to admit, I was an emotional mess the entire weekend. Each family was asked to introduce themselves. One by one each family told their story. When it was my turn, I made it about 2 sentences before I broke down.   The room came together with support and love for me.  I was overwhelmed to be supported by an audience that truly understood my loss.  I was not alone!
As the conference continued, I was most impressed by the scientific advances- both in treatments and quest for a cure.  The researchers, those that fund them, and all the families who have contributed through their experiences, truly deserve our gratitude for the work they do.
As I reflect on my experience, it was the connections with families that I have cherished the most.  I remain in contact with many of the people I met at the conference via Facebook, and look forward to meeting more.  I met so many warriors that weekend that stole my heart.  Sadly, as is the reality of this disease, several families lost their boys since the last conference.  However, I do hope these families return to this safe place to talk about our special angels." ~ Carrie Koh

Our planning team joins in the wish for our families who have experienced bereavement to know that they are cherished and supported at the MTM-CNM Family Conference. 

Crowdrise families

A simple and easy way of fundraising is by taking two seconds to create a Crowdrise account and sharing your page on social media!

We're so excited to see how our Crowdrise team for the 2017 MTM-CNM Family Conference campaign is growing! Please consider joining us...we need YOU!
Evan Kim Brown
Families Fundraising!

The Brown family has organized a race to support the conference in honor of their MTM warrior, Evan. 

Regarding their experience at the 2015 conference, Kim Brown writes, "Two years ago, we finally decided to take a trip to Chicago to attend the 4th MTM-CNM Family Conference...During the weekend, families that have only previously met online are brought face-to-face.  We are also able to connect with experts in the field of MTM-CNM research.  Researchers come from around the world  to keep everyone up to date on the advancements in medicine.  There are no words to describe the feeling of being surrounded by those who know exactly what it's like to live day to day with a medically fragile child.  Not to mention what it's like for the kids, who are used to being the only one in their community or state with their disorder.  Sadly, because of being ventilator dependent, children are often lost to respiratory diseases.  For some kids, the experience they receive at the conference are their one and only opportunity to be around kids like them.  There are kids that we met at the last conference that will not be with us this year."

When a friend from a local church offered to help host a 5K walk/run for Evan, Kim said, " I knew exactly where I wanted the money to go.

Thanks so much for your support and investment, Brown family!! We would love to see more walks/runs supporting the MTM-CNM Family Conference.

To learn more about the race or even participate, click here!

Javad's self portrait (with Mom)
Families Fundraising--More LLR!

Mother's Day is almost here, so we think all of our MTM-CNM Warrior moms should treat themselves with a little shopping therapy in yet another exciting LuLaRoe fundraiser!

Shannon Mashinchi is currently hosting a LuLaRoe fundraiser in her group  Two Giraffes LuLaRoe  to benefit the MTM-CNM Family Connection to be used toward the MTM-CNM Family Conference. Her goal is to reach $500 which will be matched by LuLaRoe to make a final donation of $1000. Join us and shop for a cause at Two Giraffes LuLaRoe with Shannon Mashinchi!

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