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Another great opportunity for this year's conference attendees!
2015 Conference Theme
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2015 Conference Theme

As we shared a few weeks ago, an important part of the mission of MTM-CNM Family Connection, Inc. is the commitment to help connect MTM & CNM families to researchers and research opportunities in our community.  Since 2011, the Conference has provided opportunities for individuals with MTM & CNM to enroll onsite with teams of researchers and to actively participate in research studies.  This in turn helps to accelerate the pace at which research teams can collect data and enroll participants in important studies for our community, while collecting data over a single weekend that would otherwise take months or years to collect, if teams were to arrange individual visits and travel with patients and families.  


We are excited to share the following opportunity to participate in another vital study for our community at this year's conference.


Rare Disease Longitudinal Observational Study
University of Florida

Researchers from the University of Florida will be attending the 2015 MTM-CNM Family Conference to perform research breathing tests, which include measurements of breathing pattern, the ability to initiate a cough, and the voluntary strength of breathing muscles. This will be part of a study called the Rare Disease Longitudinal Observational Study, which is approved by the University of Florida IRB. You will not be charged for these tests. Please see the flyer (at or contact Lee Kugelmann at  [email protected] or Terry Sexton at [email protected]  for more information.


We're very thankful to have the University of Florida researchers return to the MTM-CNM Family Conference again, and we deeply appreciate the work that they do!

Stay tuned for more conference news! See you in July!

The MTM-CNM Family Conference Planning Team!