A message from

Coalition President Kyle Lynch

Over the course of the next year, the Texas School Coalition will undergo a leadership transition. Executive Director Christy Rome has informed the Coalition Executive Committee that, after 12 highly successful years, she has decided to leave the Coalition. Fortunately, Christy will be with us until January 12, 2025. 

I don’t know whether we can ever find someone to fill Christy’s shoes, but at least we have a year to try.

I cannot begin to express how grateful the Executive Committee and I are for the leadership of Christy Rome, and how personally grateful I am for Christy’s friendship. Even before she was hired as the executive director, she and I served on the TXSC Board together beginning in 2010. She has transformed the Coalition, building it into a stronger, more professional organization than at any point in its history. Christy’s legislative knowledge, policy expertise, dedication, and — most of all — superior people skills have elevated the Texas School Coalition into one of the most effective, respected advocacy groups in all of Texas. Christy has worked tirelessly on behalf of our Coalition, and I am grateful that she cares enough about our success to spend the next year ensuring that we are on solid footing for the future. 

In 2016, Christy presented us with a succession plan for an executive director. As we've all come to expect from her, it was outstanding, and the Board approved it, although we hoped we would never need it. We will be forming a search committee to begin looking for a new executive director. We will create opportunities for the full membership to provide input in the search process and in the broader conversation about our future.

Christy has stressed to me that research shows it is healthy for organizations to change leadership every six to 10 years. While Christy’s departure will create a significant void, the importance of our mission has not diminished. I am confident that our membership will rise to this moment and ensure that the Coalition remains an effective voice for lasting investments in all students.

I look forward to working with you to plan for the future as we continue to advocate for our member schools and especially our children.   



Kyle Lynch

Texas School Coalition President

Superintendent, Seminole ISD

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