June 2013
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Summer time Health Tips for Everyone!
Food Safety Tips for Summer
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Hello and welcome to our June e-newsletter! In the coming months, we'll be sharing helpful tips to keep your body feeling strong and healthy.

June brings the start of summer - it's backyard BBQs, swimming pools, and water sports, making it the most fun time of the year! Although summer is a great time for fun and adventure, it's important to stay safe.  Be sure to stay healthy and practice food safety throughout these warmer months.

In this e-Newsletter, we'll share tips to keep you safe, healthy, and happy this June!

Happy Summer!



Summer time Health Tips for Everyone!

By Jan Lauer (References from The Orthopedic Institute)
  • Go easy on your joints! Remember, you haven't been exercising as much due to the winter months. Swimming is a great, non weight bearing exercise to do for all ages!
  • Protect your head! Remember to wear a helmet while you are bike riding, skateboarding, rock-climbing or even riding a horse....
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! You cannot over hydrate in the summer months due to increased activity levels. Drink plenty of water (recommended 6-8 8 ounces glasses) per day if possible. 

  • Replace your shoes! If possible, replace worn out tennis shoes with new shoes and consider the activity you will be using them for. Try and purchase shoes at the end of the day when your feet are bigger, to get the correct size. If you purchase shoes in the am, your foot maybe much smaller and you may get an incorrect size.
  • Don't let injuries go untreated! If in doubt about an acute injury, use ice for 15-20 minutes. If an injury persists for more than a week, consult your physician or healthcare provider.
  • Lather up and wear sunscreen! Protect your skin by wearing sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 or above. Remember to reapply if perspiring or use the guideline of every 2 hours.
  • Look before you dive! Don't dive into shallow pools, unknown lakes, rivers or ponds.
  • Stay cool, avoid the midday heat of the sun and try and find shade if possible! Remember, the hottest part of the day is approximately from noon to 3 pm.
  • Watch your intake of alcohol! Alcohol can dehydrate you quicker in the sun, especially if you are not ingesting your recommend daily water intake.
  • Watch for poison ivy plants and increased areas of possible increased mosquito areas! Camping and hiking are great activities but be aware of your surroundings and plant life to not be exposed to potential skin problems. Nature mosquito repellants are abound for those worried about using pesticide products at most major stores.
Food Safety Tips for Summer
By Jan Lauer (References from Robin Shreeves)

Tip #1 - Start with a clean kitchen to help rid microorganisms that grow on countertops, appliances and refrigerator shelves. Some of the worse spots in the kitchen include the can opener, refrigerator meat and vegetable storage compartments and rubber spatulas.


Tip #2 - Store and defrost meat safely. Don't leave food out to thaw at room temperature. Ideally thaw meat in the refrigerator versus on the counter.


Tip #3 - Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Ideal temperature for cold food is 40 �F and hot foods at 140 �F once fully cooked and or prepared.


Tip #4 - Avoid cross contamination from food dripping juices from one dish to another. Be careful when transporting food from stove, oven or grill to your table.


Tip #5 - Cook with a thermometer, not your eyes. There are some great apps that help you with cooking meat on the grill such as Omaha Steaks (Steak Time) �. Recommended temperatures using a cooking thermometer are: Whole or ground poultry - 165 �F, ground meats (other than poultry) 160 �F, fresh fish 145 �F and fresh whole pork, beef and veal 145 �F with a three minute rest.


Tip #6 - Pack perishable food appropriately such as hot dogs, fruit and salads by utilizing ice or coolers as needed.


Tip #7 - Transport food safely by utilizing coolers or warming containers and please utilize the back seat if possible versus the hot car trunk.


Tip #8 - Don't prepare food more than a day in advance unless it is to be frozen.

If you have to re-heat food, please make sure to reheat at 165 �F before serving.


Tip # 9 - Remember the 1 hour rule! Don't consume perishable foods that have been sitting out beyond an hour on days where the temperature is over 90 �F. On cooler days, perishable foods should be returned to the cooler or discarded if not eaten within two hours.

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