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Muscle Stretching Tips for Active Individuals
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Hello and welcome to our August newsletter!


As we near the end of summer, there are a lot of upcoming events at Tri-Rehab! Read along for some tips on staying fit and healthy, as well as exciting happenings with us.



Muscle Stretching Tips for Active Individuals

By Tri-Rehab


Stretching (flexibility) is an important part of your exercise program. Muscle and tendons are elastic in nature. When muscles are not stretched on a regular basis they can lose this elastic ability. When this occurs it not only can cause problems to the specific muscle itself but to the surrounding structures and joints, by pulling them into different directions and areas they don't belong. 

Stretching should be done 2-3 times a day, holding each stretch for a minimum of 15-30 seconds, 3 times. By not holding the stretch for at least 15 seconds no real stretch occurs. The muscles first reaction to a stretch is to contract and tighten up and it's not until about 8-10 seconds into the stretch that the muscle begins to relax and stretching occurs. 

Always warm up before you begin your stretching program. Ideally, a warm muscle is much more easily stretched than a cold muscle and this can be achieved by taking a brisk walk, riding a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill for 10-15 minutes. 

Upcoming Events

with Tri-Rehab



Jan Lauer will be at the 3-day Susan G. Komen walk next weekend as Medical Personnel.




The event will take place 
August 15-17 in Michigan.  It will be Jan's 8th year doing Medical, and she walked in the San Diego event in 2008.  We would love to see you there!


Click here for more information.




We are in need of school supplies and uniforms to give to the children in the community - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

School uniforms and supplies needed for children PK - 8th Grade

WE NEED: Backpacks, pencils, ink pens, paper, notebooks, crayons, pencil cases, erasers, color pencils, color markers, folders, glue sticks and any school item you wish to donate will be greatly appreciated.

WE ALSO NEED SNACKS: Hot dogs, chips, juice, water, cookies - whatever you wish to donate!

We are a 501C3 Organization and any donation you give is tax deductible:

If you would like to make a donation or volunteer, please call:

Debra: (313) 574-7149
Kenny: (313) 673-3213
Kevin: (313) 673-3001 

Thanks so much for your help!

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