October 2016
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Health Tip
Sip Oolong Tea

Research suggests that people with mild eczema who drink oolong tea three times a day may show improvement in itching and other symptoms. Compounds in the tea called polyphenols appear to be responsible.

Source: wholeliving.com



Hello and welcome to our October  newsletter!


This month, we'll be sharing information about weather and chronic pain and what people with high functioning depression want you to know.




Weather and Chronic Pain

Janel Davis Heitzmann PT, CSCS

In the physical therapy clinic, we hear it all the time...It seems like people report more pain and soreness during the cold and rainy days. But is there a true link between weather and chronic pain?

Research ongoing in the UK is using a smart phone app to find out. The app uses weather conditions reported via GPS and matches them with the users self-reported pain levels. The results are not ready for publication at this time, but thus far more than 9,000 people have participated. 

The preliminary results are echoing a 2007 study completed in the US and published in the American Journal of Medicine. That study used a website to record patient pain levels, and concluded that changes in barometric pressure and temperature are associated with changes in osteoarthritis knee pain severity. 

If the correlation proves to be true, it may allow people to predict chronic pain flair ups and potentially time out medication to prevent more severe symptoms. Soon there might even be an app for that. 

Source: CNN.com 9/19/16.  

9 Things People With High-Functioning Depression Want You To Know

Take a moment to consider the acquaintances you talk to every day: It could be a coworker, neighbor or even a favorite barista. They smile, chat about their weekend plans and ask after your kids. 

Now imagine that on the inside, they're experiencing debilitating headaches, loneliness and persistent negative thoughts. Their energy is so low it was almost impossible for them to pull themselves out of bed this morning. But you'd never know it.

Read more here.

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