September 2013
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Tri-Rehab Has Moved!
4 Ways to Avoid Running Overuse Injuries
What's Going On at Tri-Rehab?
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We offer free transportation to those in need to our Dearborn and Canton centers.
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Hello and welcome to our September e-newsletter!

Saying goodbye to summer is always a bit sad, but fall is warm and welcoming. Our schedules change as we settle into a new routine, and weekends are alive with fall festivals and football games.

Read along for exciting Tri-Rehab happenings and tips on staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle.


Tri-Rehab Has Moved!

Our Canton location has moved - we're now located at 45610 Cherry Hill Road, Canton, MI 48187.




The Canton facility is a 1700 square foot warm and inviting facility with an open floor plan to accommodate our patient's exercise programs. Our equipment allows for the latest in patient pain control, functional exercise programs, advanced strength and conditioning programs, physical therapy and use of Wii Program technology for balance and orthopedic conditions.   



We pride ourselves in organization, cleanliness and a comfortable environment. This facility also offers transportation to and from appointments for those in need!


We look forward to seeing you there!

4 Ways to Avoid Running Overuse Injuries
By Alan Peppard, M.S., P.T. 


Maximizing running performance requires you to improve conditioning by overloading--slightly surpassing present functioning levels--both the cardiovascular and the musculoskeletal systems. However, excessive overload exceeds the body's ability to adapt to the increased stress and overuse injury will occur. Therefore, you must be very cautious in selecting an appropriate overload, one which will provide optimal conditioning without producing injury.


Cardiovascular Vs Mulculoskeletal Conditioning

Perceived exertion (how hard the exercise session feels) is determined by the status of the cardiovascular system or how fit you are. Since the cardiovascular system improves at a faster rate than the musculoskeletal system, reliance on perceived exertion to determine your workouts can cause you to overstress the bones, joints, tendons...
What's Going On at Tri-Rehab?
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