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Health Tip
Eat Healthy Sweets

Got a late-night sugar craving that just won't quit? To satisfy your sweet tooth without pushing yourself over the calorie edge, even in the late night hours, think "fruit first".

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Hello and welcome to our April newsletter!


This month, we'll be sharing information about how to deal with exercise induced asthma and tips to avoid making common "healthy eating" mistakes.




Asthma and Exercise Induced Asthma Health Tips 
By Tri-Rehab

Asthma is a common respiratory disease characterized by intermittent episodes of airway obstruction due to muscular constriction of the airway (bronchial tubes). 

Signs and symptoms may include wheezing, fast breathing, shortness of breath,  coughing, anxious appearance, fatigue and possible nausea. Causes for an asthma attack may be due to exe
rcise, inhaled irritants such as smoke, ingested substances (aspirin or certain foods), cold/dry air, allergens (pollen or dust), season changes, strong odors or fumes as well as possible stress and/or being upset emotionally. 

Treatme nt includes use of a prescribed inhaler, reassuring the individual that they will be alright and helping them to relax, encouraging th e individual to slow their breathing rate and/or activate EMS is breathing difficulties persist.

Exercise induced asthma (EIA) is constriction of the airway resulting from strenuous exercise (usually lasts from 5-15 minutes but may last up to 60 minutes before it spontaneously resolves). Signs and symptoms may include wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. 

Causes for exercise induced asthma attack are usually from strenuous exercise, cold weather and cold/dry air. Treatment includes stopping exercise, encourage the individual to slow their breathing rate, reassure the individual that they will be alright and help them to relax and activate EMS if their condition deteriorates.
The Biggest Mistake People Make When They Resolve to Eat a Healthy Diet
By: Lorie Eber

We'd all like to eat a healthy diet. 

But for many of us, our good intentions are overridden by the constant juggling act of stressful jobs compounded by overscheduled personal lives. Our eating habits devolve into raiding the office kitchen for snacks and grabbing the nearest take-out when hunger forces us to interrupt our busy day. Rather than taking the time to savor our food, we scarf it down while our attention is elsewhere.

We pay for our poor food choices with self-flagellation, guilt and shame.These feelings ignite a temporary resolve to clean up our eating habits so we can fit back into our smaller-sized clothes. We're disgusted with ourselves. Dressing like Johnny Cash gets boring. Spanx are uncomfortable and the prospect of a button popping off in the middle of your big presentation is downright scary.

Full of new-found commitment to embrace a healthy diet, we drive to Sprouts or Ralphs and make a beeline for the organic produce. The more ambitious among us download healthy diet recipes containing kale, the latest Whole Foods "perfect food." We're bound and determined to ditch that yummy burger and fries and start eating healthy foods.

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