June 2014
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How to Deal with Heat Illnesses
10 Tips for Walking Your Dog
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Hello and welcome to our June newsletter!


Summer has arrived! As it becomes nicer outside, we're all enjoying outdoor picnics, lazy days by the pool, celebrating Dads & Grads and appreciating the great outdoors. This month, we're sharing tips to stay safe, healthy and active in the summer heat.


Read along for exciting Tri-Rehab happenings and tips on staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle.



 How to Deal with 

Heat Illnessses

By Tri-Rehab


Heat cramps - Muscular pain and spasm that occur in the body when it loses too much salt (sodium) from sweating and an inadequate amount of fluids aren't  taken back into the body.




Signs and symptoms: 

1. Severe muscle pain and spasm
2. Pale, moist skin
3. Normal body temperature
4. Individual is usually conscious
5. Rapid pulse
6. Faint feeling, dizziness and exhausted


1. Move the individual to a cool place if possible. Have them lie down if feeling faint. 

2. If not nauseated, have them drink water or an electrolyte drink, such as Gatorade
3. Encourage them to minimize activity for the next 10-12 hours if possible
4. Apply ice as needed for 20 minutes to the muscles if soreness is present
5. Encourage overhydration to replenish fluids


Heat Syncope - Feelings of weakness and tiredness which ordinarily improve with diet and rest.

Signs and symptoms:
1. Weakness and fatigue
2. Headache
3. Slightly elevated body temperature 


10 Tips for Walking Your Dog

By Tri-Rehab


Walking your dog in the summer months is excellent exercise. A recent study performed by the University of Missouri-Columbia study found people who walk their dog 20 minutes a day, five times a week lost an average of 14 pounds after 50 weeks; so here are 10 tips for safely walking your dog.

1. Be prepared to walk, be sure to eat a meal or snack and drink water before you begin your walk.

2. Wear proper clothing and shoes; remember your feet swell while walking so the shoe should be a little big. If you are walking in the evening remember to wear reflective clothing and place a reflector on your dog's collar and/or leash as well.

3. Remember your ID. You should have your ID with you and your dog should also be wearing his ID with your contact information engraved into it. Many pet stores and veterinarian offices offer to make pet ID tags for $5 or less. 

4. Warm up. You want to avoid injury should the unexpected occur so be sure to stretch your calves, hamstrings and do some shoulder and trunk rotations too. 


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