November 2014
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The 6 Golden Rules Of A Healthy Grocery Cart
Top 10 Nutrition Tips For Kids Playing Sports
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Health Tip

Stay Full with Fat!


When choosing products, go for the full fat version. It will provide more nutrition and leave you feeling more satisfied. In addition, fat-free versions of foods are usually filled with harmful chemicals.



Hello and welcome to our November newsletter!


This month, we're discussing healthy eating tips and advice. Proper nutrition is a very important part of sports performance and everyday health. Read along for some tips on staying fit and healthy.




The 6 Golden Rules Of A Healthy Grocery Cart

By Kristin Kirkpatrick


1. Your cart should have at least five colors.

The giveaway to a cart that's lacking nutrient density is one that lacks color. Research suggests color is what gives fruits and vegetables many of their amazing benefits including prevention of certain cancers, neurological conditions and stroke.

A cart void of real color means that the person pushing it probably isn't getting the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables. 


To get yours, aim for at least three seasonally fresh produce items and three frozen items that are out of season. Purchasing a few apples, some spinach, a bunch of bananas, purple potatoes, and frozen cauliflower and carrots will get you up to the five requirements. 


Then, you'll just have to go home and actually eat them, perhaps by matching your apples with natural almond butter for a yummy lunchtime snack, throwing your spinach and carrots into a hearty soup, churning your bananas into a morning smoothie or pairing your purple potatoes and cauliflower with healthy lean proteins, such as fish or chicken breast.


Top 10 Nutrition Tips For Kids Playing Sports

By Suzanne Nelson

1. Make sure your child drinks enough fluids
  • Give your kids a sports drink to prevent fatigue and dehydration. Studies show that lightly sweetened, flavored, non-carbonated beverages such as sports drinks do a better job than water of preventing dehydration.  [But remember: sports drinks should not be consumed at meals, and should generally only be used when an athlete is playing sports for more than hour (soccer, lacrosse, hockey, football, cross-country, etc.).
  • Have your kids drink according to a schedule. Give kids a squeeze bottle and have them drink 5 to 9 ounces ever 20 minutes to keep hydrated.
  • Weigh kids before and after exercise to determine how much fluids they are losing during activity. After exercise have your child drink at least 24 ounces of a sports drink for every pound lost during exercise.


2. Practice supplement safety

  • The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements. There is thus no guarantee of purity, safety or effectiveness.
  • What's in the bottle may do more harm than good.

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