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Health Tip
Switch Up Your Run
When running, alternate between softer surfaces such as grass, dirt trails, a spongy track, treadmill, even asphalt (on the street, not on the sidewalk). Also alternate between flat and bumpy surfaces, and those that are uphill or downhill because they'll challenge your coordination, and help you become a more efficient runner. 

(Source: PopSugar)


Hello and welcome to our September newsletter!


This month, we'll be sharing tips on proper walking form and sports injury recovery tips. 



How to Walk: Dos and Don'ts, Plus Tips
By Courtney Rubin

Contrary to popular belief, fitness walking doesn't have to look ridiculous. With proper form, you'll simply look like a woman on a mission. Here's how.

Your spine should be straight, with ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips, and hips over knees, says certified group fitness instructor Michele Stanten.

Your arms should be bent at 90 degrees and swing back and forth (not across the body) from the shoulders. Your legs will naturally move in sync, so the faster you swing, the faster you'll walk. A foolproof tip: Hang a bathrobe belt around your neck, and hold one end in each hand, says Stanten. If you're walking correctly, the straps will stay firmly in place, not slide up and down your neck or from side to side.
Sports injury? 6 tips to get you back to fitness
By Samantha Clayton

Is it ever okay to workout if you're injured? Are you frustrated because you have a fitness or sports injury and can't wait to get back into regular your fitness routine? Or, are you constantly hearing conflicting advice on how to handle your fitness injury?

You can avoid pain and emotional distress that come with common fitness/sports injuries by working through these simple pieces of fitness advice.

Sports injury tip 1:  See a doctor

Get help from a doctor and don't self-diagnose an injury. It's very common for us to play doctor for ourselves, or worse; offer advice to your gym partner or colleague! Self-diagnosing your injuries is a bad idea. I believe that it's important to let the pro's assess your individual injury because so many fitness injuries have similar symptoms.

Sports injury tip 2: Don't cover it up

Avoid masking an injury by using over-the-counter medications, splints, supports or wraps without instruction from a health professional. Using supports can cause muscular imbalance if used improperly and pain is your body's way of letting you know something is wrong. If you are masking your body's natural defenses, you risk worsening your condition, which may keep you on the sidelines for longer.

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