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Fall/Winter 2015 Announcements
December 2015


WireReady Version 12 plays mp2/mp3 files

WireReady V12 and later now plays mp2 and mp3 files in addition to WAV. It is no longer necessary to convert files that arrive compressed into your systems. Customers with current support contracts may download software upgrades in the tech support area of our website.   Note: If you are already running Version 12 and play mp2/mp3 files, we recommend version 12.009 or later which includes several updates for speeding up the display of large audio folders and setup options for how often the list refreshes.
Do NOT accept free upgrades to Windows 10

Customers running on Windows 7 on mission critical news and automation machines should NOT accept the free Microsoft offer to upgrade to Windows 10. Doing so can mess up 3rd party device drivers, important settings and other installed applications causing your machine to be out of service for a day or longer.  There does not seem to be any benefit upgrading a Win 7 machine to Win 10 for use with our software and we will be supporting Windows 7 for years to come.  If you are buying new computers in 2016 and you can't find them with Windows 7, then Windows 10 is okay, but the longer you put this off, the more stable Windows 10 will be, especially with 3rd party device drivers.  Windows 7 is still our preferred OS.
Tired of annoying Upgrade to Windows 10 pop ups?

If you are tired of the annoying Windows 10 free upgrade pop ups, go here for info to suppress them www.wireready.com/windows10.php. Customers with support plans can also have us perform this work for you at no charge during Monday-Friday 9a-6p ET hours.    
WireReady can now capture RSS feeds from WWO, ABC, and other radio network RSS providers

WireReady customers who use our newsroom system and have a support plan in effect can now request a free capture app upgrade which will let them connect with news providers who now distribute via RSS feed. Customers are already capturing Westwood One and ABC Radio Networks feeds with our software.  We can capture just about any RSS feed. Other radio nets may soon offer their info via RSS as well. Our capture engine can pull in the story text and any linked audio files automatically into your system. If you don't currently have our newsroom software, but want to automatically pull in network RSS feeds from distributors onto your hard-drive, we are offering special "capture only" packages for as little as $395 which can automate the delivery of all your RSS feeds into your studio. Our complete electronic newsroom system are also available at installed prices starting as low as $995.
Send RDS 'Now Playing' info to multiple devices/providers with RDSReady

Having trouble getting your automation 'Now Playing' information, plus your satellite music provider's information merged and reformatted and redistributed to all your RDS encoders, streaming and social networking providers and your web site? RDSReady is available as a one time $995 setup fee ($495 for purchases thru 1/31/2016) and can take all your automation system metadata feeds, reformat them, merge them, switch between satellite and live automated feeds and distribute multiple outgoing formats for all your devices and service providers using just one windows PC even for more than one station.   We can take and send data via file/LAN, TCP/UDP, RS-232/422 and also pass data via URL.  We code custom drivers at no charge and offer yearly maintenance plans to keep your system up to date for as little as $99/year per incoming/outgoing device/data stream being managed.  You supply a windows PC, maybe a cable connection or two, and we can remotely set up and support the rest all thru software.
Remote control your automation using simple touch tone codes on a regular phone line

ControlReady Version 12.0 now lets you create up to 1000 alpha-numeric-based actions you can trigger by phone or other devices in the station. Connect a phone line and low cost autocoupler/tone decoder to your system and any touch tone sequence from your cell phone (or serially sent string) can cause ANYTHING to happen in our automation. Load a high school football playlist, start the game, play the next break, resume normal programming (restart deck), re-import today's traffic log, play a liner, play an ID, play the next break, switch and record the weather, put yourself on the air, etc.
StormReady Report Generator outputs XML; Compatible with Vibes Media

Vibes Logo
StormReady Report Generator now compatible withVibes Media
CBS WTIC in Farmington, CT and KMOX in
St. Louis, MO have begun using the StormReady Report Gen
erator to output XML to both their websites and also to Vibes Media. Compatibility between Vibes Media and StormReady Report Generator has made it easier for subscribers to receive timely text alerts on their phones for local storm cancellations.

Existing StormReady/CallTaker32 customers can simply upgrade to the latest version 9.004 of the StormReady Report Generator to start outputting XML and/or become compatible with Vibes Media offerings (a Vibes Media software license(s) and agreement(s) also required for access to automated alerts see www.vibes.com). 

Thank you for your loyalty and continued interest in our products.  
David Gerstmann 
President and Founder
WireReady NSI
(800) 833 4459


PlayoutReady and News Player Pro is now MOS compatible with ROSS INCEPTION TELEVISION NEWSROOM SOFTWARE 
Since 2007, WireReady has offered television playout solutions.  We offer software kits or turnkey video servers ready to use for channel playout, automation, studio and newsroom clip playout.   www.playoutready.com  
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