"You don't have to continue being a cert ain way 'just because that's always how it's been.'" 
- Dr. Chloe

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Dr. Chloe On the Radio
Dr. Chloe will be discussing "Fighting Fertility Stress"
*Thursday, October 8 @ 11:07am ET on  "The Perri Small Show" on WVON-AM (1690)
*Friday, October 9 @ 12:18pm ET on "Staying Well with Melanie Cole MS" on RadioMD
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Recent Blog Articles...

Many professional women deliberately postpone starting a family because they want to be in control of furthering their education, their career or accomplishing other important goals. Ironically, when it becomes time to start a family later in life, many women end up losing a degree of control because of fertility issues. The good news is that there are excellent fertility treatments available. The challenge is that... 

As a practicing clinical psychologist, I have found that the best outcomes occur when the therapist and client are a "good fit." 

That is part of the reason I employ a diverse staff of associates: to maximize the chance of a client finding a good fit. I recently spoke with two women who shared the same goal of getting married, but had very different circumstances and sets of obstacles to overcome.