Our friends at Capitol City Creatures generously hosted a photo event at Dog Haus University on March 19 to benefit SAAV. Lynn and Michael have been wonderful supporters of the SAAV Program over the years and we wanted to introduce you to them. They are tremendously talented! 

What do you do for fun?
We love spending time with our children- human and animal. Taking pictures and making videos are some of the things we do for enjoyment. One of our current family projects is working on building our kids their own Youtube channels. Having spent their entire life in front of a camera, they aren't too shy about putting on a show. (again, human and animal!) We also homeschool and are in the process of organizing an East side Homeschool group that would focus on monthly educational and artistic projects.

What are you passionate about?
Animals, Art, Music, Nature and of course Peace, Love and Understanding.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
That depends on who you're asking. Our son Cahl would pick Billund, Denmark because it is the home of Lego. Our daughter Sage would pick Paris because she loves fashion and art. As for us, we just want to be somewhere in the rocky mountains living in a tree house that we built ourselves surrounded by woods and wildlife. Or, "In a van down by the river."

What would your dream job be?
To build and operate a huge animal sanctuary with an educational center or own a vegetarian/vegan deli. Actually how about both!

What motivates you to work with SAAV?
We love animals, as they have played a significant role in our lives. Our belief is that every living thing deserves to know what it's like to feel safe. Equality knows no bias between species. We're all here coexisting amongst one another to hopefully learn from and help each other. Animals have and continue to assist in the well being and management of humankind. They are our eyes when we are unable to see, our hands when we are unable to reach, and our hearts when we are unable to feel peace. Heck, they even go to war for us and aid in the recovery of veterans having been in war. They make us better people and love us unconditionally. This connection cannot be disregarded. We wanted to be involved with SAAV, because to us they represent the ideal of preservation. By offering a refuge to the the animals of those afflicted by domestic violence, they are taking the entirety of family into regard, as it should be.

Thank you Michael and Lynn! You can learn more about Capitol City Creatures at www.sonadorpress.com